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  1. Johnny & Associates - Wikipedia
    Johnny & Associates, Inc. was a Japanese talent agency formed by Johnny Kitagawa in 1962, which managed groups of male idols known as Johnny's. > wiki > John...
  2. Japanese Talent Agency Johnny and Associates Renamed as Starto
    2023/12/7 -Johnny & Associates, the Japanese talent agency that has been embroiled in a huge sexual abuse scandal, is rebranding itself as Starto ... > biz > news > joh...
  3. J-pop agency Johnny's to split into two entities with new names
    2023/10/2 -The name "Johnny's," as the agency is known, has been synonymous with male pop talent in Japan since Kitagawa founded the company in 1962. The ... > Society > J-p...
  4. Johnny's to form new company in wake of sexual abuse by founder
    2023/10/2 -A new, yet-to-be-named company will take on the role of talent agency. “We will be disbanding Johnny & Associates and face the victims in a ... > society
  5. SMILE-UP. | Johnny & Associates Wiki - Fandom
    In 1997, the agency started its own record label "Johnny's Entertainment". In 1999, the Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun ran a series of articles ... > ...
  6. Johnny's changes name to Starto Entertainment - The Japan Times
    2023/12/8 -In changing its name to Starto Entertainment, the talent agency will scrub all references to its disgraced founder from its current structure. > culture
  7. Johnnys Sex Abuse Scandal: 478 Victims Come Forward
    2023/10/2 -Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates, currently engulfed in a sexual abuse scandal, said it would change its name and split into two ... > ...
  8. The humiliating downfall of Japan's Johnny & Associates: Fans ...
    2023/10/30 -How will fans' advocacy and commentary shape a reckoning about sexual assault and exploitation in the entertainment industry in Japan that has > the-hu...
  9. Japanese companies drop stars of scandal-tainted Johnny's ... - NY1
    2023/9/12 -Several Japanese companies have decided to stop using stars who are represented by Johnny & Associates, an entertainment company at the center > nyc > 2023/09/12
  10. ELOV-Label
    TOP INFORMATION · Storm Labels Official YouTube · KinKi Kids · NEWS · 中山優馬 · WEST. 少年隊 · OTHERS. ELOV-Label. KinKi Kids NEWS 中山優馬 WEST.
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