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  1. Edenville Dam - Wikipedia
    Edenville Dam was an earthen embankment dam at the confluence of the Tittabawassee River and the Tobacco River in Mid Michigan, United States, forming Wixom ... > wiki > Edenville_Dam
  2. What Really Happened At Edenville and Sanford Dams? - YouTube
    2021/10/19 -In May 2020, heavy flooding resulted in the catastrophic failure of the Edenville Dam ...
  3. Static liquefaction likely caused Edenville Dam failure, report says
    2021/9/15 -The May 2020 failure of the Edenville Dam in central Michigan likely resulted from static liquefaction, rather than overtopping or internal ... > article > 2021/09 > static-liquefaction-l...
  4. Edenville Dam - FOUR LAKES TASK FORCE
    2021/11/12 -The Edenville Dam is located on the Tittabawassee and Tobacco Rivers near Edenville, Michigan. The Edenville Dam was built to provide water ... > edenville-dam
  5. EGLE - Edenville Dam Recovery - State of Michigan
    2020/5/19 -The Tobacco Spillway of the Edenville Dam was partially demolished while the river channel downstream of the dam was cleared of debris to allow ... > egle
  6. Preliminary Report on the Edenville Dam Failure and Response Efforts
    2020/8/31 -Failure of the two dams released a torrent of water, devastating the downstream communities of Edenville, Sanford, Midland, and Saginaw. 2. Page ... > egle-EdenvilleDamPreliminaryReport_700997_7
  7. One Year After the Edenville Dam Failure - Mackinac Center
    2021/5/21 -As the dam failed, a deluge of water and debris washed away a 900-foot-wide section on the far east, or Tittabawassee River side of the earthen ... > one-year-after-the-edenville-dam...
  8. Report: Shoddy construction, ignored threats led to Edenville Dam ...
    2021/9/13 -An independent investigation into last year's Edenville Dam failure provides new details into how known deficiencies at the dam likely ... > michigan-environment-watch > r...
  9. Investigators pin Edenville Dam failure on 'static liquefaction'
    2021/9/13 -LANSING, MI — A sudden loss of soil strength under saturated conditions likely caused the catastrophic failure of the Edenville Dam near ... > public-interest > 2021/09 > investig...
  10. Dam Recovery |
    The FERC engineers concluded that sand on the downstream side of the 6,000-foot Edenville Dam became saturated with water and lost its strength. > news > dam-recovery
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