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  1. Entangled Wisp - Shadow Era Wiki
    2020/9/22 -Name: Entangled Wisp. Type: Human Ally - Homunculus. Cost: 3. ATK: 3. HP: 4. Ability: Other friendly Homunculus allies have +1 attack. > wiki > Entangled_Wisp
  2. Card List - Shadow Era
    Shadow Era is a free to play online collectible trading card game for iOS, ... When Radiant Wisp dies, all its attachments that you control are placed in ... > cards
  3. | For Players of Shadow Era TCG
    2016/12/1 -The human side appears to be a wisp (no real synergy), electric theme and a combination of temporary and actual growth.
  4. Buqs [LL 3.160] Frankenstein's Castle (Shadow/Human/Neutral ...
    2016/11/18 -Homunculus is a tribe of allies in Shadow Era. ... The human side appears to be a wisp (no real synergy), electric theme and a combination ... > buqs-sf-2-920-frankensteins-ca...
  5. Shadow Era on Steam
    Shadow Era is the full scale, cross-platform collectible trading card game that you've been looking for, with the most generous free to play system out there! > app > Shadow_Era
  6. Shadow Era deck builder
    Shadow Era deck-building tool, with all cards available from Lost Lands.
  7. Shadow Era: Serena Thoughtripper - hand discard - YouTube
    Aetherborn Wispを育てます。序盤辛いですがドローエンジン入れていないのでテンポは良い。あとは相手のカードを上手く使えたらいいですねぇ。 > watch
  8. Explore the Best Shadowera Art | DeviantArt
    Explore shadowera ; Wisp · Bladdneart's avatar · Bladdneart ; Reactorary · birdmanstudio's avatar · birdmanstudio ; Meat Wagon · birdmanstudio's avatar. > tag > shadowera
  9. Shadow Wisp | Octopath Traveler Wiki | Fandom
    Shadow Wisp is an enemy in Octopath Traveler. Blackout - Shadowshot - Shadow Wisp uses the same sprite as the Dark Wisp summoned by Guardian of the First ... > Shadow_Wisp
  10. Shadow Era Brasil | Facebook
    Grupo de jogadores brasileiros de Shadow Era para troca de informações, dicas, ... mas das 15 cartas dele pude ficar apenas com a "Radiant Wisp". > Facebookグループ
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