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  1. How much better is 480p compared to 480i? : r/wii - Reddit
    2022/7/23 -480i is a 240p signal that has essentially been line doubled. 480p is literally double the resolution, as it uses a proper 480 scan lines. > comments
  2. What's the difference beetween 480i and 480p resolution? - Quora
    2020/10/17 -480p means 480 vertical pixels and progressive scan(every vertical line is drawn every frame). 720p - 720 vertical pixels progressive scan. > Whats-the-difference-beetween-...
  3. 480p vs 480i -- Can you really tell the difference? - Ars Technica
    2005/6/6 -its interlaced vs progressive (ie, i vs p)<BR><BR>480p should be superior to 480i, but 480p and 1080i has other factors involved.<BR><BR>480p ... > civis > threads
  4. Is it just me or is the difference between 480p and 480i - Nintendo Wii
    2017/10/23 -The difference between 480p and 480i is the latter is interlaced, however most TVs (and likely that adaptor) would de-interlace the signal ... > 930...
  5. 480i - Wikipedia
    480i is the video mode used for standard-definition digital video in the Caribbean, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Myanmar, Western Sahara, ... > wiki > 480i
  6. Super Mario Sunshine 480i vs 480P Comparison - YouTube
    2017/10/1 Super Mario Sunshine 480i Composite vs 480p Component comparison video. 480i is always on the left and 480p is ... > watch
  7. PS2 Games @480p Vs 480i Vs 480i Line 4x - Affro's Curiosities
    2020/11/28 -Welcome back to Affro's Curiosities! If you like video output battles then here's a fun video just for you! In today's episode, we will be ... > watch
  8. Component video -- is 480p better than 480i? - Projector Central
    2003/4/23 -There is a lot of understandable confusion over component video, and whether progressive scan 480p output from a DVD player is better than ... > 4...
  9. Modern TV(s): 480p vs 480i handling |
    2022/2/9 -The PS2 supports 480p, but the game has to be designed for it and most PS2 games are 480i. > threads > moder...
  10. PS2 Games Using 480p Progressive Scan Vs 480i Via AetherSX2
    2022/11/12 -Welcome to Affro's Curiosities! This is season 6 & it promises to be bigger & more interesting than ever before! In this video, we will look ... > watch
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