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  1. Buqs [LL 3.160] Engineering an Empire (Aldmor ... -
    2016/11/8 -This is the only Aldmor Artifact that Aramia can use with her hero ability. Conduit is able to be used by both player so it provides potential bilateral draw option at the cost of stalling out Shadow Energy usage. This can be very ...
  2. Powerful Deck Builds - Shadow Era
    2013/2/5 -Enter Moonstalker Death Rush. With the addition of Aldmor Conduit, another strong 1 and 2 drop, and my favorite ally from the set (Lightning Hunter), this deck of beasts ...
  3. Category:Artifacts - Shadow Era Wiki
    2015/2/2 -Artifacts are a type of item card in Shadow Era. Artifacts ... Abomination Factory · Aldmor Accelerator · Aldmor Conduit · Aldmor Conflux · Amulet of Conjuring · Anmor's Elixir · Antimatter · Arthyle's Crypt · Ascendant of the Hero ...
  4. Aldmor Conduit - 【Wiki】Shadow Era 攻略 - Site
    Shadow Era Wiki. [ ホーム | 一覧 | 検索 | 最終更新 | ヘルプ ] [ 新規 | 編集 | 添付 ] [ no Trackback ]. Menu. (2011/11/1~) 累計3385人今日1人昨日0人 最終更新
  5. Shadow Era deck builder
    5cc. 6cc. 7cc. all. Expansion: CotC. DP. SF. LL. Tribe / purpose: pick a card trait... pick a card trait... Aldmor, Arcane, Attachment removal, Discard, Draw, Electric, Fire, Haste, Heal, Homunculus, Ice, Item destruction, Steadfast, Templar, Twilight.
  6. Ter Adun – Hero Breakdown - Shadow Era Decks -
    2013/7/20 -There are other ways of gaining draw, Bloodthirsty as mentioned earlier, the ubiquitous Bad Santa and Aldmor Conduit, which can be an interesting addition in certain builds, as it gives you an SE sink but may not be used ...
  7. Shadow Era: Shattered Fates - Cross Platform Card Game by ...
    2017/8/16 -The Conduit was not the only weapon the Aldmor had left behind for him to acquire. Slowly Arthyle's decrepit lips curled into a cruel smile, as he drew a sheet of parchment and scribbled a series of orders down for his personal ...
  8. Shattered Fates Full Spoiler - The Boweh
    2014/1/7 -Pay attention to for more details. I've just ... Aramia can also spend that excess energy on Aldmor Conduit, though doing so is not without downsides, mainly the opponent getting a free Wizent's Staff.
  9. Foilario - pagina 4 - Shadow Era Italia - ForumCommunity
    Aldmor conduit *** Stand Firm x5. Toll bridge x4. Dark revelations x3. Thoughtful Investment x4. Schythe of Fate *** Blazing Shield x4. Storm Coat x5. Punisher's Gauntlets x7. Breastplate of Vitality x2. Cloak of Obscurity *** Morphic Armor x4
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