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  1. Can Your Cat Give You the Plague? - The New York Times
    2024/2/14 -How do cats get the plague? Cats can be infected when they ingest infected rodents or are bitten by the fleas associated with these rodents. > health > p...
  2. Plague: Infections of Companion Animals and Opportunities ... - NCBI
    2011/6/21 -Simple Summary. Plague is a notorious disease of humans, typically transmitted from rodents to man by the bite of infected fleas. > articles
  3. Information for Veterinarians | Plague | CDC
    Background. Cats are highly susceptible to plague and are a common source of Yersinia pestis infection in humans (owners and veterinarians). > veterinarians
  4. Oregon cat owner becomes state's first bubonic plague case in ...
    2024/2/12 -Pet cats are highly susceptible to plague. The plague can be spread through a flea bite or by contact with an infected rodent before it's then ... > news > local
  5. Oregon's first case of human plague in 8 years likely came from cat
    2024/2/9 -The person was likely infected by their pet cat, who had developed symptoms, according to Deschutes County Health Services. Humans are most ... > health
  6. A case of the bubonic plague popped up in Oregon — from a pet cat
    2024/2/12 -According to NBC, “Cats are particularly susceptible to plague because their bodies have a hard time clearing the infection and they're more ... > owner-con...
  7. Oregon Resident Contracts Bubonic Plague from Cat - People
    2024/2/12 -The plague is believed to have been transmitted by the patient's pet cat. Dr. Richard Fawcett, a health officer for Deschutes County, told NBC ... > Lifestyle > Health
  8. Plague in Cats - Cat Owners - Merck Veterinary Manual
    Plague is a sudden and sometimes fatal bacterial disease caused by Yersinia pestis. It is transmitted primarily by the fleas of rats and other rodents. > p...
  9. Health officials: Cat likely died of plague infection -
    2018/7/16 -Laboratory tests indicate an Elmore County cat likely died from plague infection, according to Central District Health Department officials. > story > health...
  10. Plague, Cats and Travel Histories | Worms & Germs Blog
    2020/9/14 -Plague is now rare (thank goodness), but it can still be found in certain wildlife. People can be exposed from contact with infected wildlife ( ... > ...
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