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  1. Linux on embedded systems - Wikipedia
    Operating systems based on the Linux kernel are used in embedded systems such as consumer electronics (i.e. set-top boxes, smart TVs, personal video recorders (PVRs), in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), networking equipment (such as routers, ...
  2. Ubuntu is the new standard for embedded Linux | Ubuntu
    Embedded Linux developers prefer Ubuntu for productivity and security. Custom app stores available. Ubuntu board support packages reduce the time to market for IoT and appliances. Compliance and security by Canonical.
  3. 4 tools for building embedded Linux systems |
    2018/6/15 -Full disclosure: most of my work in embedded Linux has focused on the Yocto project, and my knowledge and bias to this system will likely be evident. Yocto uses Openembedded as its build system. Technically the two are ...
  4. Mastering Embedded Linux, Part 1: Concepts • &> /dev/null
    2019/8/25 -Ideally you should have some Linux command line knowledge, a good understanding of the overall components of an embedded system (flash memory, processor, peripherals), and a good chunk of free time for learning and ...
  5. Which Linux Distro is Best for Embedded Development?
    2020/5/18 -Embedded Linux is often the choice for IoT developers due to its low cost, open- source code, lightweight storage requirements, and its ability to run on fewer resources. It's a stable option, which is critical for organizations who ...
  6. Embedded Linux Distributions -
    2020/1/9 -Platforms · Android · Maemo (deprecated - see Meego) · Meego · Moblin ( deprecated - see Meego) · Access Linux Platform · Robot Operation System ( ROS) See this introductory article on ROS · Poky · OpenWRT ...
  7. Embedded Linux Wiki -
    2019/12/20 -To use this wiki, click on one of the portal links below. Note: This site has slides, and links to videos, for many years of the Embedded Linux Conference and Japan Jamboree! See ELC_Presentations ...
  8. So you want to build an embedded Linux system? - Jay Carlson
    One big difference between embedded Linux and desktop Linux is that embedded Linux systems have to manually pass the hardware configuration information to Linux through a Device Tree file or platform data C code, since we don't have EFI ...
  9. What is Embedded Linux? - Explained - YouTube
    2020/6/1 -Here, we can clearly understand what Embedded Linux is all about.
  10. An Introduction to Using Linux in Embedded Systems – The New Stack
    2020/6/5 -Linux is a widely used operating system in embedded systems. It's used in cellphones, TVs, set-top boxes, car consoles, smart home devices, and more. Just because it's used a lot though, ...
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