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  1. List of VIA Eden microprocessors - Wikipedia
    The Eden microprocessors from VIA Technologies are fifth- and sixth-generation CPUs targeted at the embedded market. Contents. 1 Embedded processors. 1.1 Eden ESP. 1.1.1 "Samuel 2" (150 nm); 1.1.2 "Nehemiah" (130 nm). 1.2 Eden-N ... Marketing name, Model number, Clock speed, Turbo speed, L1 cache, L2 cache, FSB speed, TDP, Socket, Cores. Eden X4, C4450, 1.6 GHz, 2.0 GHz, 64 KB / ...
  2. VIA Eden - ウィキペディア
    VIA Eden(ヴィア エデン) とは台湾VIA Technologiesが推進するEdenPlatForm の中核に位置するx86CPUである。ほとんどの製品は取り外し ... 特にEden ULV 500MHzのTDPは他のx86CPUの中でも極めて低い1Wである。 FSB 400MHz ... Eden-N[編集]. 2007年3月現在、世界最小のx86互換CPUである。上記のに製品 よりもさらに消費電力を落とす必要のある製品向けに作られている。C5P Nehemiahを ...
  3. VIA Eden and Eden ULV - - VIA Technologies, Inc.
    Consuming as little as 500mW (0.5W) idle power and a maximum thermal design power (TDP) of no more than 7.5 watts at 1.5GHz, the VIA Eden processor also features VIA PowerSaver technology to reduce processor power draw. With its ...
  4. Diamond Systems
    The new Via Eden processors are simply called VIA Eden or VIA Eden ULV. ... as the VIA Eden-N. The “new” VIA Eden processors used on the Poseidon are known as VIA Eden and VIA. Eden ULV. ... 1.0GHz Via Eden has a TDP rating of 5w.
  5. x86 cpus' Guide - VIA Eden - x86 cpus' Guide - From 8086 to Core i7 !
    VIA > CPUs > Eden. Contents. Models · From collector's point of view. Models. Sub-type. Number. Eden ESP. 9. Eden-N. 3. Eden. 9. Eden X2. 2. Total. 23. Name. Codename. Core frequency. Bus frequency. Core count. Cache (L1/L2/L3 ).
  6. VIA Eden-N Processor
    eden-n 1. VIA Eden-N Processor. 1 VIA Eden™ Processors. 1.1 Low Power Fanless Processing. With its signature ... 20101127 eden-n 4. VIA Eden-N Processor Power Consumption. TDP speed. 2.5W 533MHz.
  7. VIA Eden - Sd-Omega
    ... Voltage, TDP, Socket, Release Date, Part Number(s). Eden-N 533, 533?MHz, 64?KiB, 133?MHz, 4×, 0.9?V, 2.5/3.5?W, NanoBGA, October 14, 2003. Eden-N 800, 800?MHz, 64?KiB, 133?MHz, 6×, 0.95?V, 5?W, NanoBGA, October 14, 2003.
  8. VIA Eden ULV 500 MHz: x86 compatible, 1 watt | InfoWorld
    2007/10/26 -The subject was mainly why VIA's line of low-power x86-architecture CPUs are interesting for embedded applications. ... sets and small form factor boards that have very low power consumption (e.g. 1 W peak TDP and 100mW idle for the 500 MHz Eden ULV). ... VIA has combined the north and south bridge onto one chip; the Eden ULV line supports 1.8V DDR2 RAM, where most RISC ...
  9. PassMark - VIA Eden 1000MHz - Price performance comparison
    Clockspeed: 1.0 GHz. Cores: 1 Threads: 1. Typical TDP: 5 W. Other names: VIA Eden Processor 1000MHz. CPU First Seen on Charts: Q4 2017. CPUmark/$Price : NA. Overall Rank: 3250. Last Price Change: NA. Average CPU Mark. rating. 80
  10. CPU Collection Museum - VIA CPU Overview - CPU Shack
    VIA CPUs have been marked under the Cyrix name (which has now been dropped due to bad connotations with the massive heat generated by the late ... VIA Feature Table. Individual Products: Joshua Samuel Samuel 2. Ezra / Ezra-T Nehemiah Eden-N Antaur-M ... 1.5Ghz, 1.1V, Max TDP : 10.1W (It rarely achieves this)
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