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  1. Disconnected from IRC (Connection reset by peer) #1509 - GitHub
    2021/10/7 -When I start the bot, the web works just fine, and after a couple seconds I get these messages: for deck in ... > pajbot > issues
  2. IRC error in bot written on ruby Connection reset by peer @ io_fillbuf ...
    2023/3/3 -I was trying to make an IRC bot in ruby, and get some really strange error. I didn't find anything in the web about it. > questions
  3. 'Connection reset by peer' error with a really simply Python3 IRC client
    2017/10/5 -I am having a problem with my program. I am trying to write the simplest Python 3 IRC client which just connects to a channel and receives ... > conne...
  4. Common IRC Connection Errors - DALnet Documentation Project
    Connection reset by peer is a tough one because it can be caused by so many things. In all cases, the server determines that the socket is no longer good and ... > docs > connection
  5. IRC Connection reset by peer in VMWare? - Super User
    2015/9/10 -I am currently running a Ubuntu (Guest) in VMWare and I'm trying to connect to I've installed an IRC client on my host PC and ... > questions > irc...
  6. IRC connection closed by peer error 2 - Reddit
    2018/10/29 -It is very possible that if you've connected and have subsequently been disconnected (I.e. Excess flood, connection closed etc.), that you've ... > comments
  7. Connection reset by peer. Need some help plz! - Anope IRC Services
    2006/12/20 -3> The error says "no link block", which means that services is named differently that the C/N line or link block. Check the link block name to ... > ...
  8. What do those quit messages mean? - QuakeNet IRC Network - Help
    Connection reset by peer. This quit message is caused when the IRC client closes the connection to the server uncleanly, and the server doesn't realise the ... > general
  9. Ambiguous error message "Connection closed by peer ... - GitHub
    2017/10/1 -Ambiguous error message "Connection closed by peer" when connecting to a TLS port with a non-TLS setting #1441. Open. Zarthus opened this issue ... > znc > znc > issues
  10. What does the '(104) Connection reset by peer' error notification ...
    2014/7/19 -This error typically occurs when one end of the connection (the peer) unexpectedly closes or resets the connection while the other end (your ... > What-does-the-104-Connection-...
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