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  1. Antireflective circular polarizers in OLED display - Lumerical Support
    For simplicity, the multi-layer OLED structure is represented by a metallic reflector. The light incident on the linear polarizer become 30 o linearly-polarized ... > en-us > articles > 5845...
  2. Metasurface-driven OLED displays beyond 10,000 pixels per inch
    Joo et al. developed a full-color, high-brightness OLED design based on an engineered metasurface as a tunable back-reflector. An ultrahigh density of ... > doi > abs > science.abc8530
  3. LED Curing for OLED Encapsulation - Phoseon Technology
    Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) devices are becoming widely desirable and have been ... The solution included a customized reflector to achieve more. > Phoseon-App-Note_OLED-Encapsulation-Curing
  4. LG CX 65 inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ® (64.5" Diag)
    Why LG OLED? Only OLED TVs use over 8.3 million pixels that emit their own light and turn completely off, creating a stunning picture that allows you to see ... > ... > TV/Video > TVs > OLED TVs
  5. High-color-purity UV OLED has asymmetric microcavity design
    2020/4/14 -An asymmetric structural design with a tailored distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) structure gives a UV OLED a narrow bandwidth of 9.95 to ... > article > highcolorp...
  6. OLED Display Materials - DuPont
    In turn, as demand for OLED display panels increases, more panel suppliers are focusing on OLED displays. For this market movement to continue, developers need ... > oled-display-materials
  7. LCD and OLED - Rain Technology
    ... manufacturable functionalities and performance to LCD and OLED. ... Our switchable off-axis reflector allows us to control both transmitted luminance ... > lcd-and-oled
  8. QLED vs OLED | Difference between QLED TV and OLED TV
    backlight panel, reflector, polarising filter, TFT array, colour filter glass, quantum dots colour filter and polarising filter. • Backlight panel: It ... > QLED-vs-OLED
  9. Flexible top-emitting organic light emitting diodes with a functional ...
    2018/7/20 -We demonstrated top-emitting OLEDs with a highly reflective distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) using a metal foil substrate. > content > articlehtml
  10. OLED vs LCD: Smartphone Display Teardown and Comparison
    2018/7/3 -Apple produced its first smartphone with an OLED display joining Samsung, Google, and LG in ...
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