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  1. Legacy Browser Support (BrowserSwitcher internally) - Chromium
    BrowserSwitcher is a Chrome module that listens to navigations, and automatically switches to another browser (typically IE) for a predefined set of URLs. > browser > README
  2. Location of browserswitcher/LBS cache? - Chrome Enterprise ...
    2019/8/29 -dat in %localappdata%\Google\BrowserSwitcher; In the preferences file. Which one is actually being used? Is it possible to configure this? > chrome > thread > location-of-b...
  3. Chrome Enterprise Support へのお問い合わせの前に
    Windows XP を使用している場合は、C:\Documents and Settings\<ユーザー名>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\BrowserSwitcher にあるログをご提示 ... > chrome > answer
  4. BrowserSwitcherの詳細情報 : Vector ソフトを探す!
    BrowserSwitcher. ブラウザ切り替えソフト. ここで紹介しているソフトウェアはPC向けのソフトウェアのため、スマートフォンでダウンロードすることができません。 > soft > winnt > net
  5. Browser Switcher - Google Play のアプリ
    2020/8/1 -Browser Switcher provides a faster way to switch the browsers while browsing a web page. It is very useful especially when switching from ... > store > apps > details > id=cmp.apps.browserswitcher
  6. S.Browser Switcher - Google Workspace Marketplace
    S.Browser Switcher. Sateraito Office Browser Swicher for Google Workspace. By: Sateraito Office, Inc.open_in_new. Uninstall. Install. > marketplace > app > sbrowser_switcher
  7. BrowserSwitch for Safari on the Mac App Store
    2021/3/1 -BrowserSwitch is a Safari Extension that can seamlessly open any Safari page in other web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. > app > browserswitch-for-safari
  8. DanTup/BrowserSelector: Small utility to launch a different browser ...
    Select BrowserSelector as the default browser. So far, it has been tested on the following: Windows 8.1; Windows 10 Pro. Usage. > DanTup > BrowserSelector
  9. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome
    2021/1/19 -Ever needed to quickly switch between user-agent strings on the fly? Developing a site that needs to work on both mobile browsers and ... > detail > user-agent-switcher-for-c
  10. Policy List - The Chromium Projects
    The Chrome Enterprise policy list is moving! Please update your bookmarks to > administrators > policy-list-3
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