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  1. How to identify a users device - Information Security Stack Exchange
    This can be implemented in a bunch of ways, but all the ones you've listed are terrible on their own. Private IPs are never going to be useful. Multiple users in different networks can have the same private IP. Public IPs on their ...
  2. How do I identify the devices on my network and assign nicknames ...
    When viewing your connected device list, some devices may seem unfamiliar. This is because different manufacturers report device information differently. If you come across a device in your list that you don't recognize, first try seeing if you ...
  3. Device Detection - DeviceAtlas
    Device detection is a common way to identify the type and capabilities of devices requesting online content, typically done by parsing User-Agent strings.
  4. How to identify my device? | Keyshorts
    Guide on how to identify your laptop, smartphone and tablet model names. Useful for selecting decals that fit your particular device.
  5. How to Identify Device Damage - Verizon Wireless
    Learn how to determine if your damaged device is eligible for replacement under a warranty. Get detailed guidelines on what type of damage or misuse excludes you from obtaining a warranty replacement for your broken device.
  6. What does the 'Identify device type' setting do in F-Secure SENSE ...
    Identify device type is located in Settings > Protection in the SENSE app for Android. This feature identifies your devices by using metadata and a traffic profile sent from your connected devices. Before device identification can take place, the ...
  7. Identify devices that are currently protected by Norton - Norton Support
    2019年6月3日 ... You have installed Norton on multiple devices, and you need help to identify the devices that are currently protected by Norton.
  8. How to identify an unknown device | Device Hunt
    Learn how to find an unknown device and drivers for Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
  9. HP Detect My Device | HP® Customer Support
    If you are prompted about the HP Web Product Detection application, you must choose the 'open' option in order to allow HP to identify your products. On the next prompt choose 'OK' to start product detection. Fetching Results ...
  10. How to identify a device - Help Center - Router Limits
    How to identify a device. You just installed Router Limits and are excited to get things going. You eagerly open the "Devices and Groups" page and see that you have five devices all named Apple, Inc. You think "How do I know what device is  ... > ... > User Portal
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