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  1. Organization — DLNA
    Organization will dissolve, and ongoing DLNA Certification activities will be managed by a newly formed professional services firm. PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 5, 2017 – The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®) today announced that the ...
  2. SimpleDLNA — A simple, zero-config DLNA media server, that you ...
    SimpleDLNA v1.0. A simple, zero-config DLNA media server, that you can just fire up and be done with it. logo ...
  3. Digital Living Network Alliance - Wikipedia
    Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) was founded by a group of PC and consumer electronics companies in June 2003 to develop and ... Home Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines v1.5 was published in March 2006 and expanded in October of the same year; the changes included the addition of two new ...
  4. Media Server 2 – Media Server Software for the Digital Home
    Media Server Supports the following Digital Media Players. CyberLink SoftDMA V1.0/1.5/2.0; DLNA 1.0/1.5 certified Media Players/Adapters; Microsoft Windows Media Player; Sony PS3; Microsoft XBox 360 ...
  5. Components Repository - UPnP/DLNA Renderer ... - foobar2000
    UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point. By: bubbleguuum. UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Media Server, Control Point Powered by Platinum UPnP SDK: ... version: 0.99.49, released on 2015-01-13. Works with foobar2000 v1.0 and newer ...
  6. UPnP AV The technology basis of DLNA
    Page 2. • Audio video use cases. • UPnP Technical basics. • Technical basics applied to AV. • UPnP Forum. • DLNA. Contents ... Object “0”. • Rest of @id will automatically be retrieved by browse for children. • Objects can be Containers or Items. • Containers can contain ... transferred. Media Transport. UPnP AV 1.0. UPnP Print Enhanced 1.0. How media content is identified, managed, and ...
  7. IEEE DLNA Presentation
    President, Chairman of the Board, DLNA. Co-chairman of the ... DLNA Interoperability Guidelines. Device Discovery &. Control. • UPnP Device. Architecture 1.0. – Device and service discovery through ... V1.0 Device Class. V1.0 Device Class.
  8. Serviio
    Serviio is a free media server for Window, Mac and Linux. It enables streaming video, audio and images to your DLNA certified device.
  9. DLNA and DTCP-IP Protocol Stacks | iWedia
    UPnP software stack is compliant with UPnP AV Specification v1.0 and certified; Ported on Linux and Android OS. Supports Commercial Video Profiles (CVP) for the exchange of premium video contents within the home network containing:.
  10. [MS-DLNHND]: Overview | Microsoft Docs
    DMP implementations also use the UPnP MediaServer V1.0 Device Control Protocol with the extensions defined in [DLNA] to request a list of multimedia content that is available for streaming from the server. The request and ...
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