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  1. GBDK - home
    A C compiler, assembler, linker and set of libraries for the Nintendo Gameboy.
  2. GBDK libraries documentation
    This document is a first try at documenting the Gameboy Developers Kit (GBDK) by Pascal Felber which consists of a C compiler, assembler, linker and libraries. Included are methods of writing efficent eight bit code in C, ways of accessing the  ...
  3. GBDKによるゲームボーイソフト制作-0回 準備編- - Qiita
    次回:GBDKによるゲームボーイソフト制作-0.5回 やっておくと便利なこと-. これなに? かねてより興味があったゲームボーイソフト開発についての学習を始めたため、 主に 自分用の備忘録として書き記していきます。 GBDKとは. 公式 > Qiita > C
  4. GBDK.js
    A library for creating GameBoy games. Write once in C, build, debug and deploy for GameBoy and the web.
  5. andreasjhkarlsson/gbdk-n: gbdk libraries updated for ... - GitHub
    gbdk libraries updated for newer versions of sdcc. Contribute to andreasjhkarlsson/gbdk-n development by creating an account on GitHub.
  6. mrombout/gbdk_playground: Simplified GBDK examples - GitHub
    Simplified GBDK examples. Contribute to mrombout/gbdk_playground development by creating an account on GitHub.
  7. GBDKとは (ジービーディーケーとは) [単語記事] - ニコニコ大百科
    GBDKを使用して作られた著名なソフトには「プロアクションリプレイ2」、「Little Sound Dj」、「nanoloop」などがある。また詳細は不明だが、「ゲームボーイのプログラム・改造 マニュアル(大橋修/著)」によると、日本ではシミュレーションゲームで ...
  8. GBDK - GbdevWiki - Gameboy Development - gg8
    The Game Boy Development Kit (often referred to as the GBDK) is a compilation of tools, created by David Galloway, Michael Hope, Sandeep Dutta, and Daniel Rammelt that holds the intention of allowing users to program for ...
  9. Programming Game Boy Games using GBDK: Part 1, Configuring ...
    Luckily, instead of writing in assembly code for the device as many programmers did at the time, we can now write in a modified version of the C programming language to create games using a library called GBDK, the Game ...
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