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  1. Slake | Definition of Slake by Merriam-Webster
    Slake definition is - subside, abate. How to use slake in a sentence. Did You Know?
  2. Slake Cafe | Satisfy a Craving, Quench Hunger & Thirst
    Menus · Breakfast · Lunch · Bar · Brunch · About Us · Café Overview · Slake's Ethiopian Coffees · 2018 Ethiopia Water Project · Events & Catering · Catering · Events · Contact · Order. Come and Get Baked. Every morning while you're ...
  3. Slake | Definition of Slake at
    Slake definition, to allay (thirst, desire, wrath, etc.) by satisfying. See more.
  4. slake - Wiktionary
    From Middle English slaken (“to render slack, to slake”), from Middle English sleacian, from sleac (“slack”). The (modern) Swedish verb "släcka" retains most of the same meanings as listed below. For example: "släcka sin törst" meaning to ...
  5. slake - Dictionary Definition :
    When you slake something, such as a desire or a thirst, you satisfy it. A big glass of lemonade on a hot summer day will slake your thirst. The word slake traces back to the Old English word slacian, meaning to “become less eager.” If you slake ...
  6. Slake Cafe - 188 Photos & 300 Reviews - Cafes - 120 E 7th St ...
    300 reviews of Slake Cafe "Great cafe for a working breakfast. Lots of seating, so when I got there at 9:30am on a Wednesday, I had my pick of tables. I sat by an outlet extender and charged my laptop while I ate. I saw one first date, several…
  7. Slake - definition of slake by The Free Dictionary
    Define slake. slake synonyms, slake pronunciation, slake translation, English dictionary definition of slake. v. slaked , slak·ing , slakes v. tr. 1. a. To satisfy ; quench: slaked her thirst. b. Archaic To lessen the force or intensity of; moderate:  ...
  8. slake - Urban Dictionary
    Get a slake mug for your friend Trump. 2. slakeunknown. noun ... That hard- boiled egg burrito sure was a slake, mom! ... Watch out for the slake with a six- pack and a joing outside of your junior high, he has a bottle of rufies and a video camera.
  9. SLAKE - ウィキペディア
    藤井 岳彦(ふじい たけひこ、1969年7月13日 - )は、元コナミ(現・コナミデジタル エンタテインメント)所属の作曲家・DJで、BEMANIシリーズのゲームで楽曲製作を行っ た。現在は株式会社ミュージックエアポートに所属。神奈川県横浜市出身。藤井岳彦
  10. Slake Synonyms, Slake Antonyms |
    Synonyms for slake at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for slake.
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