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  1. XENO Flashlights - Brotherhood starts with reliability!
  2. XENOLED @
    Online shopping from a great selection at XENOLED Store.
  3. XENOled @ - アマゾン
    XENOled ストアの優れたセレクションからオンラインショッピング。
  4.出品者プロフィール:XENOled - アマゾン
    XENOled. XENOledのストアフロント. 4.5(星5つ中)過去12ヵ月間で79%が肯定的 ( 評価:14). XENOledは、カスタマーに対し、最高水準のカスタマーサービスを提供する ことをお約束します。 XENOledにご質問がありますか? 質問する. カスタマーサービス の電話番号: +8613501598034. フィードバック; 返品、保証、払い戻し; 配送; ポリシー; ヘルプ; ギフト包装; 製品 ...
  5. 技術紹介 - ALLIX
    R9-R15の色合いサンプル. Color Samples for R9-R15. Allixは、高いCRI及びフル・ スペクトル白色LED光源を作り出すために総力を挙げています。Allixから発信する XENOLED® I シリーズ、XENOLED® II シリーズは、完璧な色の見え方と、最も純粋な 色の表現を提供します。 blue chip. XENOLED® I Series. n-violet chip. XENOLED® II Series ...
  6. ALLIX
    Choose the best color for your light. ABOUT US. 1. 2. 3. PrevNext. ALLIX® TECHNOLOGY. High Color Quality. Color Temperature. Color Consistency. XENOLED® INTRODUCTION. “ALLIX has the highest-quality color for your light.” 재생버튼. COMPANY INTRODUCTION. You can achieve the color you want with us, ALLIX. 재생버튼. XENOLED® INTRODUCTION. “ALLIX has the highest- quality color for your light.” 재생버튼. COMPANY INTRODUCTION. You can achieve the color you ...
  7. Xenoled - Retail Company | Facebook - 5 Photos
    Xenoled. 28 likes. Xenoled is specialized in how to implement LED lighting. We provide LED lighting solutions for building projects, office buildings,...
  8. Xenoled Pro - Home | Facebook
    Xenoled Pro. 1 like · 3 talking about this. ~~ XENOLED Pro - Atelierul de LED-uri auto!! ~~ **Ne gasiti la numarul de telefon: 0747.958.083!! ** > ... > Automotive, Aircraft & Boat
  9. ALTP distributes LEDst's 95-99CRI XENOLED packaged LED - LEDs
    LEDst's XENOLED is a high-end, high-powered LED chip device with a CRI ( Color-Rendering Index) of 95~99. The closer to 100% a CRI becomes, it is the most similar to true sunlight. The XENOLED has a lifespan three to five times longer than that of other-high-end LEDs to equal cost savings of replacement with longer chip life. The technology was created and patented by LEDst, a South Korean company, and is currently used in Japan, Europe, and South Korea.
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