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  1. GenesisQ - nakaya's HP 2017
    [Parody of GenesisQ] Genesis Q'(完結) └Charactors List/written by POSE どら エヴァン(完結) Genesis Q' Voltage2 [The Action Wars] 新世紀戦隊エヴァリオン( 完結) ... Genesis Next(完結) Love Abduction Stories · 世界の中心でアイを叫んだけ  ...
  2. Jeannette Tamayo: How Did She Escape Her Kidnapper? - ABC News
    ... the abduction. The stories of Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart, who both survived long-term abductions, are practically unheard of. ... She told him about her plans for the future and her love for her family. When he let her ...
  3. An abducted child reveals the true story of her stolen life, three ...
    An abducted child reveals the true story of her stolen life, three decades later ... was four, he had abused the good faith of his Norwegian ex-wife, Tone Vik Nerby , and the love of their daughter to steal her away for 13 years. > LIFE > PULSE
  4. abduction - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The ...
    All the latest breaking news on abduction. Browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on abduction.
  5. Kidnapped at 14, Elizabeth Smart says now, 'I am so lucky'
    Kidnapped at 14, held captive and raped, Elizabeth Smart says now: I was lucky .... They love you. They want you to come home.” No one had called her Elizabeth in nine months. Her captors called her ... She began to go along with him, and she heard the stories of others with similar experiences to hers.
  6. Amanda Berry and Other Famous Abductions - Biography
    Some news stories are hard for us to believe; others we would rather not believe. ... even when her parents were together, admitted that "it was painful losing my mom," but that she loved her father and chose to stay with him.
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