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  1. WinFS - ウィキペディア
    WinFS(Windows File System、以前はWindows Future Storageの略とされていた) はWindows Vistaで採用される予定であった統合ファイルシステム。 目次. 1 概要; 2 特徴. 2.1 動作例とメタデータ. 3 開発の経緯; 4 Windows VistaWinFS. 4.1 開発の 中止 ...
  2. WinFS - Wikipedia
    WinFS was the code name for a canceled data storage and management system project based on relational databases, developed by Microsoft ... It was subsequently decided that WinFS would ship after the release of Windows Vista, but those plans were shelved in June 2006, with some of its component technologies ...
  3. Vistaの大本命「WinFS」を開発中止に追い込んだMSの企業文化とは ...
    かつてWindows Vistaの3本の“柱”の1つと謳われていたデータベースとファイル システムの統合テクノロジーWinFSの開発中止が発表された。これはMicrosoftの 厳しい社内生存競争を如実に表している。 (1/2) > ... > ニュース
  4. Bill Gates' biggest Microsoft product regret: WinFS | ZDNet
    At one point, Microsoft was touting WinFS as one of the key components Windows Vista/Longhorn. Then the Longhorn reset happened and Microsoft ended up rolling out bits of WinFS as components of SQL Server and other ...
  5. WinFS Windows Longhorn & Windows Vista
    WinFS is the code name of a Windows storage subsystem, being developed by Microsoft.
  6. 本田雅一の「週刊モバイル通信」 - PC Watch
    WinFSは最初のWidnows Vistaからは外されていたものの、将来的には追加 モジュールとして提供され、WinFXを構成する3つの主要なモジュールの1つになるハズ だった。 情報ストレージに関するMicrosoftの挫折は今回が初めてではない。さまざまな 犠牲を ...
  7. filesystems - What happened to WinFS? - Super User
    It seems that all the research that went into the various different aspects of WinFS eventually grew into separate projects and .... The only area Microsoft can increase profits is the sale of Vista to someone already running XP.
  8. WinFS - what it could have been, and why it failed | MetaFilter
    What shipped in Windows Vista met at least half of the features of WinFS? What was missing in Vista, feature-wise, that should have been there? It seems that complex metadata ontologies plus inheritance were planned, ...
  9. Windows Vista build 5219 - BetaWiki
    Windows Vista build 5219 was the first Post-Reset build that leaked that had the sidebar but it had to be ... Despite Microsoft's decision to later remove WinFS from Windows Vista, certain people testing this build noted that ...
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