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  1. ストリーミングSIMD拡張命令 - Wikipedia
    ストリーミングSIMD拡張命令(英: Streaming SIMD Extensions、略称:SSE)は、 インテルが開発したCPUのSIMD拡張命令セット、およびその拡張版の総称である。 目次. 1 概要; 2 SSE; 3 SSE2; 4 SSE3; 5 SSSE3; 6 SSE 4. 6.1 SSE4.1; 6.2 SSE4.2.ストリーミングSIMD拡張命令
  2. Streaming SIMD Extensions - Wikipedia
    In computing, Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) is a single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) instruction set extension to the x86 architecture, ... The first CPU to support SSE, the Pentium III, shared execution resources between SSE and the floating point unit (FPU). While a compiled application can interleave FPU and SSE ...
  3. SSE2 - Wikipedia
    SSE2 is an extension of the IA-32 architecture, based on the x86 instruction set. Therefore, only x86 processors can include SSE2. The AMD64 architecture supports the IA-32 as a compatibility mode and includes ...
  4. MMX, SSE, AVX, FMA命令とは何かを明らかにしたい会 - Qiita
    本稿について. Intel系CPUの命令セットMMX, SSE, AVX, FMAが何か分からない(よく 忘れる)...ので明らかにすることを目的とした記事です. かなり浅くまとめます. 間違って たらご指摘ください. 実装は次回に回します. > Qiita > CPU
  5. What is SSE and AVX? - SSE & AVX Vectorization - CodinGame
    History. In recent years, CPUs have reached some physical and power limitations , so CPU speeds have not increased ... In this Course we'll focus on both SSE and AVX instruction sets, because they are commonly found in recent processors .
  6. How can I find a list of all SSE instructions? What happens if a ...
    I've saw the names of some instructions that we're added on SSE, however there's no explain about all of them (Maybe SSE4? They're not even listed on Wikipedia). Where i can read about what they do? The best source would be straight ...
  7. エスエスイー:SSEとは | 偏ったDTM用語辞典 - DTM / MIDI 用語の意味 ...
    インテル社が開発した、マルチメディア処理の性能を向上させるためのCPU拡張命令 セットの名前。「Streaming SIMD Extensions」の略であるが、ストリーミング再生に限ら ず動画、音声関係を中心に様々なアプリケーション全般で利用されている。 1つの命令 で ...
  8. What is SSE? - Computer Hope
    Computer dictionary definition of what SSE means, including related links, information, and terms. ... Short for Streaming SIMD Extensions, SSE, originally known as ISSE (Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions), are instructions for multimedia programs first used on the ... Computer CPU help and support. > ... > S - Definitions
  9. Intel® Instruction Set Extensions Technology
    Defines Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) technologies, including SSE2, SSE3 and SSE4.
  10. Definition of SSE | PCMag
    SSE. (Streaming SIMD Extensions) A set of registers and instructions added to Intel CPU chips to improve multimedia performance, primarily video encoding and decoding. Starting with the Pentium III in 1999, eight 128-bit integer registers  ... > Home > Encyclopedia > S
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