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  1. Getting Started with Windows Phone 7 Development
    At the MVP Global Summit in 2010, Microsoft stunned the attending MVPs by announcing Windows Phone 7 (WP7). For two years, I sat in the Summit sessions listening to the giants of the Windows Mobile programming world tell Microsoft they ...
  2. Windows Phone 7 | Industrial Designers Society of America - IDSA
    The Windows Phone 7 was built around the idea that the end user is king. The design team began by defining and understanding the people who would use this phone. It was convinced that there could be a better user experience for a phone, ...
  3. Windows Phone 7 apps list - Techlicious
    Our latest news and reviews on the best Windows Phone 7 apps.
  4. Windows Phone 7 Series FAQ - CNET
    Smartphone fans have been abuzz ever since Windows Phone 7 Series was announced, but a lot of questions remain. CNET tries to provide some answers.
  5. Windows Phone 7 - Urban Dictionary
    The undiscovered iPhone killer. The UI is simpler than the iPhone. Offers XBOX Live service, to be updated to become more comprehensive in the Fall "Mango" update. Offers Zune, which can enable unlimited downloading and streaming on  ...
  6. Microsoft OneNote | Use it on Windows Phone
    OneNote is already installed on Windows Phone. Windows Phone. Windows 10 mobile. To use OneNote on Windows 10 mobile, tap OneNote. in your phone's app list. Learn more. Windows Phone 8. To use OneNote on Windows Phone 8, ...
  7. Setup Guide - Sync Windows Phone 7 via Windows Live ...
    Choose "Windows Phone 7" from the first drop-down option (Select your sync target). Choose "Sync via Windows Live" as your sync method (Select your sync method). Click Next, then enter your Windows Live/Hotmail email address and ...
  8. Windows Phone 7 | Tags | Channel 9
    Browse content tagged with "Windows Phone 7" on Channel 9.
  9. Windows Phone 7 | TechCrunch
    Happy 2nd Birthday Windows Phone 7: This Is Your Life ... Nokia Top Windows Phone 7 Vendor, But There's Still Plenty Of Catching Up To Do ... Xbox 360- controlling “Xbox Companion” App Now Available For Windows Phone 7.
  10. WhatsApp Ending Support for Windows Phone 7 Devices - PSafe Blog
    Chatting giant WhatsApp recently announced the end of Windows Phone 7 support. At the time, they also mentioned ending support for other devices in an official document as well. If your phone isn't one of the ones affected ...
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