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  1. Blue Breeze - Tipsy Bartender
    Keep things light, bright, and boozy with this Blue Breeze drink.This gorgeous Caribbean-looking cocktail contains Alizé Bleu Passion, blue raspberry vodka, and lemon lime soda. Garnish with a slice of lime and a cherry for extra isle style.
  2. Blue Breeze Cocktail Recipe - Make me a cocktail
    A delicious cocktail recipe for the Blue Breeze cocktail with Malibu rum, Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Lemonade and Bols Blue Curacao. See the ingredients, how to make it, view instrucitonal videos, and even email or text it to ...
  3. Blue Breeze | Recipe (With images) | Cocktail drinks, Drinks, Fun ...
    Jan 23, 2014 - Cocktail recipe for a Blue Breeze made with 2 parts Hpnotiq 1 part Premium Coconut Rum Splash of Pineapple Juice.
  4. Blue Breeze - A Year of Cocktails
    Blue Breeze. July 18, 2012. Day 154. Blue Breeze. 3.5 shots out of 5. I can not believe it, but in a little less then a month, I will be half way done with my Year of ... 1 oz. whipped cream vodka; 1/2 oz blue curacao; 4 oz sprite (lemon-lime soda) .
  5. Blue Breeze | Cocktail Recipes - DrinkedIn
    Cocktail recipe for a Blue Breeze made with 2 parts Hpnotiq 1 part Premium Coconut Rum Splash of Pineapple Juice. > Recipes > Recipes
  6. Bluewater Breeze Cocktail | The Blond Cook
    In a shaker with ice, pour vodka, coconut rum, coconut water, blue curacao and cream of coconut. Shake vigorously and pour into a glass. Top with pineapple juice and garnish with pineapple wedge and/or maraschino cherry, ...
  7. Blue Breeze Cocktail Recipe with Picture - Complete Cocktails
    The Blue Breeze is a blue colored drink made from Hpnotiq liqueur, coconut rum, pineapple juice and club soda, and served over ice in a highball glass.
  8. Blue Breeze | Recipe | Whipped cream vodka, Flavored vodka, Drinks
    Jun 10, 2015 - Blue Breeze with Smirnoff® Whipped Cream |
  9. Blue Breeze - Calypso
    Sort By Flavor. Coconut Colada Limeade · Contests · Half and Half Teamonade · Natural Limeade · News · Ocean Blue Lemonade · Original Lemonade · Pineapple Peach Limeade · Recipes · Southern Peach Lemonade · Sports · Strawberry ...
  10. The Blue Breeze Inn
    And now, at The Blue Breeze Inn, Che is bringing that same combination of Kiwi innovation and ancient tradition to Chinese food.
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