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アクティブシンク vista ce で検索した結果 11~20件目 / 約265,000件 - 0.35秒


  1. What is ActiveSync? Webopedia Definition
    ActiveSync is Windows Mobile software that allows you to synchronize Windows Mobile and other Windows CE-based devices with a Windows-based PC or Exchange Server. If your PC is running Windows Vista, synchronization is managed ...
  2. 機種別サポート情報 | カシオペア・電子学習機 | お客様サポート | CASIO
    個人向けカシオペア・電子学習機のMicrosoft® Windows Vista® への対応についてご 案内いたします。 (内容は ... すべてのバージョンの ActiveSync、およびそれ以前の Windows CE Services などは、Windows Vista® に対応しておらず、 ...
  3. Windows CE Interface - Lazarus wiki
    3 - There is no more ActiveSync in Vista or newer. For newer Windows version it is named "Windows Mobile Device Center. So, download and install it (this download requires ...
  4. Windows Mobile Device Center/ActiveSync - Carlson Software
    NOTE: Throughout this document, references to "ActiveSync" also apply to " Windows Mobile Device Center" (WMDC) unless ... data between a Windows- based desktop computer and Microsoft® Windows® CE/Mobile-based portable devices. ... Windows Mobile Device Center is a component of Windows Vista and later.
  5. Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (ActiveSync)
    Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center - ActiveSync. 10 Aug 2008. From the ... Windows Vista. USB. Serial ... May not be compatible with the Microsoft Windows CE 2.12 or earlier operating system on the Allegro CE/DOS (F/PC) Field PC.
  6. Microsoft ActiveSync 4.x Desktop Software -
    ActiveSync 4.0 ( BETA emerged as the first evidence of the fourth generation Windows CE sync client ... Mobile Device Center program for Windows Vista and the integrated Windows Device Centre in Windows 7.
  7. art_000141;Windows Mobile Device Center not working properly on ...
    Related Products: EZField, EZTag CE, GNSS Control Panel, GNSS Driver for ArcPad, Product ... -Base/Support-Knowledge-Base-Topics/Desktop-Connection- ActiveSync-or-Windows-Mobile-Device-Center/WMDC-in-Windows-10 ... The last version of the software was released in 2012 and it is no longer supported in Windows Vista and it may not work properly on Windows 10.
  8. Urgent Message for Users of ALL Windows Mobile Devices
    WMDC-Vista.png. Recently it's come to ... Unable to sync Windows Mobile/ Embedded/CE devices to Windows 10 PC. ... Vista. It is an update to the Active Sync product found in Windows XP and Windows OS versions prior.
  9. and Microsoft ActiveSync / WMDC - Support - CASIO Europe
    For devices running Windows Embedded CE or Windows Mobile you can also use LMWin instead of ActiveSync or Windows ... For communications with Windows Vista (and later) and patch files please refer to Technical Bulletin TB2008001.
  10. 使いこなそう/Windows VistaActiveSync - Windows Phone
    Vista RC2で環境は同じっぽいですね。 -- おかもん 2006-10-12 (木) 15:54:37; TechNettとWindows CE FAN ソフトウェア掲示板のほうで質問をしていたものです。 XPからアップグレードする際に旧バージョンのActiveSyncをアンインストールしてお かないと、 ... > Top > 使いこなそう
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