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  1. Panasonic Lumix Phone Proves Disappointing | WIRED
    Panasonic has revealed its mysterious Lumix phone. If by “revealed” you mean “ stuck in a glass case”. Even the Japanese product page offers little in the way of information. Here's what we know, in addition to the 13.2 ...
  2. Panasonic's 'connected camera' pairs an Android smartphone with a ...
    Unfortunately, that's a segment of the market that Panasonic abandoned (at least in Europe) back in 2013. That left the company without a convincing rival to the Lumia 1020 and Samsung's various phone / camera hybrids.
  3. Register a Product | Panasonic
    Phone Number *. Street Address *. Apt/Unit ... Please check if you want to receive information from Panasonic about special offers, firmware, promotions, and new products, or participate in surveys about new products on behalf of Panasonic.
  4. スマホデコシール LUMIX Phone P-02D用テンプレート ペーパー ...
  5. Lumix Phone finally unveiled at CEATEC Japan - New Atlas
    At CEATEC 2010 in Chiba, Japan, Panasonic exhibited the Lumix Phone, amid some significant excitement as they had teased the specs in a release the previous week. While it remains to be seen exactly how good the ...
  6. LUMIX Phoneの型番一覧・調べ方・命名規則まとめ| ヒカカク!
    携帯端末が、一般人の間にも普及しだした1990年代から30年近くが経過したが、 その間、国内外のメーカーから様々な携帯端末が発売された。そして、携帯端末は、 アナログからデジタルへ、PDCから3G、LTE、4Gへ、フィーチャーフォン( ... > ... > スマホ・携帯電話 > スマホ・携帯・白ロム > LUMIX
  7. LUMIX Phone P-02D 設定方法 | b-mobile
    SIMフリー時代のsimpleなデータ通信、誕生。b-mobile SIM U300はあなたのデバイス に最適な通信を提供します。SIMフリー端末に使えるデータ通信専用SIMカード、b- mobile SIM。 ... LUMIX Phone P-02Dでb-mobile SIMを使うための手順 ...
  8. Panasonic Lumix Phone – Bust A TECH
    Not long ago, at the time Camera Phone is still very hot news, I remember I saw this image somewhere, that someone took an old phone and tie it together with a camera, to make the combination a Camera Phone.
  9. Panasonic Lumix Phone: Start Your Speculations [OPEN THREAD]
    Panasonic has just officially announced that a Lumix Phone is on the way. Details are set to be released on October 5, giving us the whole weekend to speculate on what this devi...
  10. 【docomo LUMIX Phone P-02D/SoftBank LUMIX Phone 101P ...
    docomo LUMIX Phone P-02D/SoftBank LUMIX Phone 101P】ディズニー キャラクター・シェルジャケット|すべて|株式会社レイ・アウトは豊富な商品を揃えて おります。キャラクターデザインのケースが欲しい人から、保護フィルムが欲しい人まで、 幅広い ...
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