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  1. The off-brand 'military-grade' x86 processors, in the library, with the ...
    The vulnerability is hardwired into the silicon of Via Technologies' C3 processors, which hit the market in the early ... coprocessor as a non-x86 RISC-like CPU core embedded alongside the x86 core in the processor package.
  2. JetWay J627F800-OC VIA C3 processor VIA CLE266 Mini ITX ...
    Buy JetWay J627F800-OC VIA C3 processor VIA CLE266 Mini ITX Motherboard / CPU Combo with fast shipping and top-rated customer service.Once you know, you Newegg!
  3. Hacker Finds Hidden 'God Mode' on Old x86 CPUs | Tom's Hardware
    Old VIA C3 chipsets have an undocumented RISC coprocessor that gives you root access from userland if you ... to an undocumented RISC core that manages the main CPU, security researcher Christopher Domas told the ...,375...
  4. VIA CPUs - Vogons Wiki
    The VIA Cyrix III (later called the VIA C3) is a Socket 370 compatible processor designed by the Centaur team that built ... Several core revisions were made and figuring out what exact CPU one has in hand is a task in itself.
  5. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Kernel does not support VIA C3 CPU
    On a clean install of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Alternative (text), upon first boot, it terminates with the following message: This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: 0:6 Please use a kernel that is compatible ...
  6. Does BKS630E V7.2 support the VIA C3 700/733MHz CPU? - ECS ...
    It will enable support for VIA C3 700/733MHz CPUs. ... What is the maximum speed Celeron CPU that can be supported by the BKII-BKS630E V7. ... Why I use Celeron 900MHz CPU with BKS630E v7.2, the post screen will show 901MHz!?
  7. Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_MCYRIXIII: CyrixIII/VIA-C3
    CyrixIII/VIA-C3 found in arch/x86/Kconfig.cpu. The configuration item CONFIG_MCYRIXIII: ... Whilst the CPU is 686 class, it lacks the cmov extension which gcc assumes is present when generating 686 code. Note that Nehemiah ( Model 9) and ...
  8. VIA C3 1.2G(133) BOX スペック・仕様 - 価格.com
    メーカートップページ · CPUの人気売れ筋ランキング CPUの人気売れ筋ランキング ― 位(2989製品中) · C3 1.2G(133) BOXの満足度 C3 1.2G(133) BOXのレビューを書く · クチコミ C3 1.2G(133) BOXのクチコミを書く · ネットで買うなら!クレジットカード比較. > ... > VIA(ビア) > C3 1.2G(133) BOX
  9. Quiet computing: VIA C3 -
    ... (which turned out to be very quiet), a soyo sy-7vem mobo, via c3/733 cpu, 128 mb pc133 sdram, and 40 gb hd. when finished, i had a system that performs more than adequately for all day-to-day tasks, is almost totally quiet, ...
  10. VIA's C3 'Ezra' processor - The Tech Report
    Unlike VIA's KT333 and P4X266A chipsets, VIA's C3 processor plays in a whole other ballpark: value PCs, notebooks, rack and blade ... The subject of our attention today, VIA's C3 800 “A” MHz processor is based on the relatively new Ezra core, designed by VIA's Centaur group in Austin, Texas. ..... Buss speed therefore can have a large impact on both FPU and CPU calculation times.
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