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BT-359S GPS で検索した結果 1~10件目 / 約20,700件 - 0.4秒


  1. Globalsat BT-359C Bluetooth GPS Receiver -
    My aim in buying BT-359 and the IPAQ was to get a GPS experience like units sold everywhere (in various price ranges), but to also have the many capabilities of a handheld PC. A smartphone was an alternative to this set up, but would have  ...
  2. Globalsat BT-359 Bluetooth GPS receiver review - Pocket GPS World
    Previous GlobalSat GPS receivers worked wonderfully but were not exactly pleasing on the eye. This changed with the award winning BR-355 and now the new BT-359W and BT-359S Bluetooth receivers have had some ...
  3. GlobalSat BT-359 Bluetooth GPS Receiver - Roadshow -
    Using Bluetooth technology, you can pair it with your phone and AT&T's location- based service, TeleNav GPS Navigator, to get color maps, turn-by-turn driving directions, and local business search. The GlobalSat BT-359 ...
  4. BT359 Bluetooth GPS Receiver User Manual GlobalSat WorldCom
    User Manual Bluetooth GPS Receiver BT-359 Ver 1.0 1. BT-359 at a glance 1.1 1.2 Appearance and Function 1. Bluetooth Status LED 2. GPS Status LED 3. Power LED 4. Power Button How to change battery a. Slide Battery Cover to the ... > ... > BT359
  5. How to use Globalsat BT-359 instead of internal GPS? – CritterMap ...
    2019年8月12日 ... Hello,. I would like to save the battery in my Samsung Tab S SM-T700 (klimtwifi). How can I force BCNav Pro to use the BT GPS Puck model BT-359 instead please? My BT puck gives me like 24 hours, and has far better ...
  6. BT-359C GlobalSat Bluetooth GPS Receiver, GPScentral
    Buy BT-359, BT-359C, BT-359W GlobalSat Bluetooth GPS Receiver at GPS Central - SiRFIII Low Power Chipset for high sensitivity, built-in ceramic patch antenna, replaceable battery with a large capacity and more. Fast and reliable shipping.
  7. GlobalSat's BT-359C Bluetooth GPS receiver | Engadget
    GlobalSat, purveyors of fine GPS-related products such as a stylish GPS watch and the child-tracking, parent-worrying GPS "phone", has launched a new Bluetooth receiver sure to make your teeth chatter with excitement.
  8. GlobalSat BT-359 and Garmin Mobile PC - Laptop GPS World
    Just picked up a bluetooth GlobalSat BT-359 on Amazon - "Used-Like New" for $18. GPSGate found it - no problem. MS Streets & Trips - COM4- no problem. Garmin nRoute - COM1 Garmin Emulator - no problem. Nat'l Geo TOPO - COM2 - no ... > Home > Garmin
  9. Bluetooth GPS-приёмник BT-359S OEM - GlobalSat в России
    Bluetooth GPS приёмник GlobalSat BT-359S на чипсете SiRFstarIII. Стильное устройство в тонком, лёгком и прочном корпусе. Подходит для смартфона, планшета, нетбука, ноутбука, карманного компьютера с поддержкой Bluetooth.
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検索設定 - この検索結果ページについて

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