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  1. Black Russian Drink Recipe - Kahlúa
    Meet the Black Russian – the older brother of the White Russian. A mixture of the deep, rich, color of Kahlúa and the unmistakable spirit of Absolut Vodka. Legend has it that the Black Russian was created in 1949, honoring a memorable ...
  2. Black Russian Cocktail Recipe -
    It takes a good vodka drink to survive a Moscow winter, and the classic Black Russian cocktail definitely makes the cut. > ... > Vodka Cocktails
  3. Black Russian - Wikipedia
    The Black Russian is a cocktail of vodka and coffee liqueur. It contains five parts vodka to two parts coffee liqueur, per IBA specified ingredients. Traditionally, the drink is made by pouring the vodka over ice cubes or cracked ice in an ...
  4. Black russian cocktail recipe | BBC Good Food
    A classic black russian cocktail is made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cola. Garnish with a maraschino cherry and serve as a decadent after-dinner treat.
  5. Black Russian Drink Recipe | Mix That Drink
    2020年2月21日 ... The Black Russian doesn't really have anything to do with Russia, other than the fact that it contains vodka. The main flavor in this drink is simply the Kahlua. And it doesn't taste much like the White Russian. It's less sweet and ... > Home > Cocktails
  6. Black Russian Cocktail Recipe -
    "The black Russian gets its name from the use of the quintessential Russian spirit , vodka, and the darkness the drink has from the addition of coffee liqueur." Save to favorites. Save. I Made It Rate it Print Pin Share. ADVERTISEMENT. Added to ...
  7. How to Make a Black Russian | Black Russian Cocktail | Allrecipes ...
    Get the recipe for the Black Russian at Simply vodka ...
  8. How to mix a perfect Black Russian - YouTube
    Hosting has never been easier. Be a hostess with the mostess by serving up Kahlúa classic drinks ...
  9. Black Russian Recipe | Drizly
    Black Russian. Drizly. by Drizly. vodka; liqueur; kahlua; coffee; simple. Level: Easy; Prep: 2 min. A cousin of the famous White Russian, the Black Russian cocktail has the smooth taste of coffee liqueur mixed with the crisp clean taste of .. . Read ... > Drizly > Recipes
  10. Best Black Russian Drink Recipe - How to Make Black Russian ...
    2019年11月1日 ... The Black Russian cocktail is simply coffee liqueur and vodka, no cream in sight, making it less like a dessert and more like an alcoholic wake-me-up.
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