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  1. Bonferroni correction - Wikipedia
    In statistics, the Bonferroni correction is one of several methods used to counteract the problem of multiple comparisons. ... Its development is often credited to Olive Jean Dunn, who described the procedure's application to confidence intervals.
  2. Bonferroni and Sidak methods - GraphPad
    Feedback on: GraphPad Statistics Guide - Bonferroni and Sidak methods STAT_The_method_of_Bonferroni PRINCIPLES OF ... Bonferroni and Sidak tests in Prism ... •The Bonferroni method is sometimes called the Bonferroni-Dunn method.
  3. Which multiple comparisons tests does Prism offer? - GraphPad
    Yes. Bonferroni-Dunn · Sidak- ... For nonparametric ANOVA, it uses Dunn's method without correcting for multiple comparisons. Then it ... With nonparametric ANOVA, Prism uses uncorrected Dunn's test which does not correct for multiplicity.
  4. Bonferroni & Dunn-Sidàk tests | Real Statistics Using Excel
    Describes how to conduct Bonferroni and Dunn-Sidàk tests to deal with familywise error when performing multiple statistical tests.
  5. Dunn's test: Definition - Statistics How To
    Post Hoc Tests What is Dunn's Test? Once your initial ANOVA has found a significant difference in three or more means, Dunn's Test can be used to pinpoint.
  6. Nonparametric Pairwise Multiple Comparisons ... - Semantic Scholar
    Nonparametric pairwise multiple comparisons in independent groups using Dunn's test. Stata Journal 15: 292-300. .... error rate by using Dunn's proposed Bonferroni adjustment, the Šidák adjustment, the Holm stepwise adjust- ment, or the ... ...
  7. kruskal wallis - Dunn-Bonferroni: All three differ significantly ...
    I also did a Dunn-Bonferroni post hoc test and the result was that all three groups differed significantly from each other. The mean ranks are 120.85, 168.17 and 213.11 and p being 0,000 twice and 0,013 once. Do I now just ...
  8. Kruskal-Wallis in SPSS - The University of Sheffield
    Dunn's post hoc tests are carried out on each pair of groups. As multiple tests are being carried out, SPSS makes an adjustment to the p-value. The Bonferroni adjustment is to multiply each Dunn's p-value by the total number of tests being ...
  9. dunn.test - The R Project for Statistical Computing
    dunn.test (x, g=NA, method=p.adjustment.methods, kw=TRUE, label=TRUE, wrap=FALSE, table=TRUE, list=FALSE, rmc=FALSE, alpha=0.05, altp=FALSE) p. adjustment.methods. # c("none", "bonferroni", "sidak", "holm", "hs", ...
  10. Etymologia: Bonferroni Correction - Volume 21, Number 2 ... - CDC
    Named after Italian mathematician Carlo Emilio Bonferroni (1892–1960) but first attributed to Olive Jean Dunn, the Bonferroni correction compensates for multiple comparisons by dividing the significance level by the number of comparisons.
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