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  1. PhysicalDrive to \\.\SCSI - Stack Overflow
    I'm developing in windows with C/C++ and I want to know is it possible to get an apropriate \\.\SCSI device name by \\.\PhysicalDrive ?.. For example, it's wonderful to know how to get that \\.\PhysicalDrive0 is the same that \\.
  2. Sending a specific SCSI command to a SCSI device in Windows ...
    #include <iostream> #include <windows.h> #include <winioctl.h> #define ULONG_PTR ULONG #include <ntddscsi.h> //from SDK #include <spti.h> //from DDK using namespace std; int demo() { HANDLE hDisk; ...
  3. CreateFile - Microsoft Docs
    Creates or opens a file or I/O device. The most commonly used I/O devices are as follows:\_file, file stream, directory, physical disk, volume, console buffer, tape drive, communications resource, mailslot, and pipe. > ... > Windows > Fileapi.h
  4. Opening a File for Reading or Writing - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs
    Example code that shows how to use the CreateFile function to create a new file or open an existing file. > ... > Using File Management
  5. Samsung NVMe Command Sample (C++)
    As you know, SCSI inquiry command result contains only some part of the full NVMe identify information. Model number is not fully copied, serial is in different format(NVMe: original, NVMe-SCSI: EUI64), and many other fields ...
  6. Windows-driver-samples/spti.c at master · microsoft/Windows-driver ...
    Win32 application that can communicate directly with SCSI devices via. IOCTLs. Author: Environment: User mode. ... fileHandle = CreateFile(string,. accessMode,. shareMode,. NULL, ... Send SCSI Pass Through. //. puts(" ***** MODE SENSE ...
  7. os_win32.cpp Source File - smartmontools
    756 // This function is handled by ATAPI port driver (atapi.sys) or by SCSI. 757 // miniport driver ... 889 // ATA PASS THROUGH via 3ware specific SCSI MINIPORT ioctl. 890. 891 static int ... 3374 HANDLE hFh = CreateFile( get_dev_name(),.
  8. diskid32.cpp - WinSim Inc.
    PhysicalDrive%d", drive); // Windows NT, Windows 2000, must have admin rights hPhysicalDriveIOCTL = CreateFile ... is really just a rehash of the inquiry // data retrieved from a scsi device // // This may only be retrieved from a target device.
  9. Reading the status of DVD drives in C++ |
    DWORD dwBytesReturned;. T_SPDT_SBUF sptd_sb; //SCSI Pass Through Direct variable. byte DataBuf[ 8 ]; //Buffer for holding data to/from drive. hDevice = CreateFile( strDvdPath.c_str(), // drive. 0, // no access to the drive. > ... > C++ / MFC / STL
  10. Reading and Writing to Raw Disk Sectors - CodeProject
    Similarly to handle SCSI, IDE hardware devices, Microsoft provides generic port interface drivers to which drivers supplied by specific vendors for their disk devices can be dynamically linked. E.g. scsiport.sys (old interface) storport.sys ( new ... > ... > Win32/64 SDK & OS
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