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  1. ADAM-4561 - 1-port Isolated USB to RS-232/422/485 Converter ...
    ADAM-4561/4562 allows PC users to connect a serial device to a system that use a USB interface. To attach the ADAM-4561/4562 to a PC, you don't need to open the chassis or power down your PC. Instantly get one or two extra high-speed ... > ... > RS-232/422/485 Converters
  2. 【アスクル】 USB-RS232C/DB-9 x2 シリアル変換 ... USB-RS232C/DB-9 x2 シリアル変換ケーブル ICUSB2322F(直送品) の通販ならアスクル。 ... その他7, シリアルプロトコル/RS-232, その他8, OS互換性/ Win CE(4.2/5.0/6.0)/XP/98SE/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10、Server2003/2008R2/ ... > ... > その他ケーブル/アダプター
  3. ユーザマニュアル 付属品 動作環境 USB-RS232C ... -
    ト)、XP(32/64ビット)、2000、ME、98SE、CE 4.2、5.2、Windows®. Server 2008 ... USB-RS232C DB9 シリアル変換ケーブル(オス / オス). ピン1. DCD ... ドライバや ソフトウェアに関する最新情報はでご確認ください。
  4. Device Drivers for Windows CE 3.0 -
    Devices that fall in this category include the display, touch panel, audio, serial port, printer, keyboard, LED, battery, and PC card socket. ... Windows CE supports four driver types: native, stream interface, USB, and NDIS. Each type is described ...
  5. UPort 1110 Series RS-232 USB to Serial converters 1-port | Moxa
    Also, a unique driver allows the UPort® 1110/1150 to retain COM port numbers when they have been unplugged and then reconnected again, even into a new USB port. UPort® 1110/1150 convenient characteristics include: USB 2.0 ... > ... > USB to Serial Converters
  6. UPort 1100 シリーズ・ユーザー・マニュアル - Moxa
    Moxa WinCE 5.0 / CE 6.0 用ドライバの削除 . ... UPort 1100シリーズのUSBシリアル・コンバータを使えば、コンピュータにCOMを容易に追加. できます。UPort 1110は1 ... UPort 1150I: 1ポートRS-232/422/485 USBシリアル・コンバータ(絶縁 保護対応).
  7. USB/Class/Serial -
    京ポンも CDC として動作するらしい。Mac OS X や Windows CE でも若干の改造で 動作するとの報告有り。 AIR-EDGE PHONE Development - Kyopon USB Driver ( One ...
  8. usb - serial converter - ASSMANN WSW components
    This time the Device Manager does not have a USB <->Serial Cable entry under Other. Devices ... After installation if you can see “USB Serial Converter” from the “Device Manager”, but can't see ... box to direct Windows CE to the driver files.
  9. WhiteHEAT USB Software Installation Guide for Windows CE 2.11+ ...
    A correctly working Host Controller Driver and standard USBD interface driver. A copy of the newest Connect Tech WhiteHEAT USB Windows CE driver files. Knowledge of how to use Platform Builder (this document does not describe how  ...
  10. CommandBlockGuy releases TI-84 Plus CE Serial Library - Cemetech ...
    One such Cemetech member helping to lead the charge is commandblockguy, who has released a USB serial driver, available on GitHub: commandblockguy/CE-serial . This driver allows one to attach a ...
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