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  1. DAP error while reading AIRCR / CPUID register | NXP Community
    Hi, We randomly keep getting this error while trying to the flash our KM34Z256VLL7 device. Connecting ... - Connecting via USB to J-Link device 0 -
  2. Register Mapping - Keil
    NVIC->IP[], NVIC_IPR0..59, IPR0..7, Interrupt Priority Register. NVIC->STIR, STIR , -, Software Triggered Interrupt Register. System Control Block (SCB) Register Access. SCB->CPUID, CPUID, CPUID, CPUID Base Register. SCB->ICSR, ICSR  ...
  3. edk2/Cpuid.h at master · tianocore/edk2 · GitHub
    @file. CPUID leaf definitions. Provides defines for CPUID leaf indexes. Data structures are provided for. registers returned by a CPUID leaf that contain one or more bit fields. If a register returned is a single 32-bit value, then a data structure is. > ... > MdePkg > Include > Register > Amd
  4. The CPUID Instruction - Hugi
    The first step is to check whether the computer actually supports the CPUID instruction! This can be done by looking at the EFLAGS register. Only 32 bit processors support the EFLAGS register. EFLAGS is just the 32 bit version of the 16 bit ...
  5. CPUID--CPU Identification - CMU QCD Cluster
    Returns processor identification and feature information to the EAX, EBX, ECX, and EDX registers, according to the input value entered initially in the EAX ... The ID flag (bit 21) in the EFLAGS register indicates support for the CPUID instruction.
  6. CPUID: Why must MISC_ENABLE.LCMV be set to 0 for some functions ...
    I can test for the presence of the LCMV flag with CPUID 0000_0001h (ecx flags, bit 3). ... If the register is technically read/write, is it safe to reset bit 22 to 0 for the duration of the CPUID instruction, before restoring it to its ...
  7. Live Community - How to find out VM CPUID & UUID on the support ...
    Hello, I have a question of Paloalto networks vm fw, is there any ways to find out VM CPUID & UUID when orinigal register virtual machine on - 5610.
  8. Intel® Processor Identification and the CPUID Instruction - Bochs
    In addition to returning the highest value in the EAX register, the Intel Vendor-ID string can be simultaneously verified as well. If the EAX register contains an input value of 0, the CPUID instruction also returns the vendor identification string in ...
  9. Does anyone know how to find out the Core revision number?
    Edited by ST Community July 24, 2018 at 4:33 PM. Posted on March 13, 2017 at 00:04. Clive, thanks for the info. on the SCB->CPUID register. It is documented, as I found out, in the PM0253 Cortex-M7 Programming manual.
  10. CPUID Instruction - Index of
    The presence of the CPUID instruction is indicated by the ability to change the value of the ID Flag (bit 21) in the EFLAGS register. The CPUID level is determined by the value placed in the EAX register before the instruction is executed.
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