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  1. Multiple HID Device With One Host
    We need this structure for SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty(). ... WriteHandle = CreateFile((DetailedInterfaceDataStructure->DevicePath), GENERIC_WRITE, FILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE, NULL, ...
  2. DiskInfo.cpp
    ... string& description) { string devnam; GetDeviceName(disknr, devnam); SmartHandle fh= CreateFile(devnam.c_str(), 0, ... ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER) return false; value.resize(cb); if (! SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty(hDevInfo, ...
  3. The NT Insider:Meandering Through the Object Manager -- How to ...
    Another job of the Object Manager is to parse names passed to it by the I/O Manager whenever a Create File ... SetupDi returns the name of the symbolic links for each device instance that was registered with the indicated ...
  4. How to extract a device or driver's name? — OSR
    SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty with a property of SPDRP_FRIENDLYNAME. ... the registry type, and SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty will then store the ... DevicePath is the one which can be passed to CreateFile. > Home > NTDEV
  5. Breaking the Sandbox
    payloads like VirtualAlloc, VirtualProtect, CreateFile and so on. Once, they detect a call to these APIs, they perform a check ... SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty( devinfo, &DeviceInfoData, 0, 0, 0,. 0, &size); buffer = (char *) calloc(0x40, size);.
  6. Cypress CyUsb3.sys Programmer's Reference
    The more typical (and complex) way to obtain a handle is to make a sequence of SetupDi calls, passing the driver GUID declared in CyAPI.h. ... &requiredLength,. &devInfoData)) {. hDevice = CreateFile (functionClassDeviceData->DevicePath,.
  7. PIC32MX795F512L HIDクラス LED点灯/消灯
    However, in order to call CreateFile(), we first need to get the device path for the USB device with the correct VID and PID. ... DWORD MemberIndex, PSP_DEVINFO_DATA DeviceInfoData); //SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty() gives us the ...
  8. Generic Drivers | MCCI
    Any Win32 application can use the standard Windows CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile, and DeviceIoControl APIs to access the device ... It's very easy to use the SetupDI APIs to temporarily override an in-box class driver with the generic driver. > ... > USB Class Drivers
  9. Getting descriptors from a USB device (Windows) - PART ... - mem-log
    Steps 1 to 3 are for getting information from SetupDi_* API, and if already familiar with the API, you can directly ... USB hub path HANDLE hUsbHub = CreateFile( usbHubPath.c_str(), GENERIC_WRITE, FILE_SHARE_WRITE, ...
  10. GUIDからデバイスドライバのデバイスインターフェース名を取得する
    を付けてCreateFile()でオープンすればデバイスドライバが利用できるのですが、USB ポートなどは"¥¥.¥USB1"のようにしても基本的にはオープンできません。 (該当の デバイスドライバが"USB1"のようなシンボリック名を登録していれば出来るのですが、 通常 ...
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