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  1. Network Device Configuration Tool | SolarWinds
    SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager simplifies device configuration management. Automation saves time ... Network Configuration Manager helps you quickly troubleshoot and identify configuration change errors. It also streamlines ...
  2. AT Attachment 8 - ATA/ATAPI Command Set -
    Command which refers to the DCO SET and DCO SET DMA commands. This change was also incorporated into the DCO state transition diagram. DEVICE CONFIGURATION has not been broken down by subcommand in the ...
  3. Learn about the Android Device Configuration Service - Android Help
    The Android Device Configuration Service periodically sends data from Android devices to Google. ... software updates and security patches: For example, the security patch level on your device is used to determine if you need an update.
  4. Troubleshoot policies in Microsoft Intune - Azure | Microsoft Docs
    2019年6月19日 ... Use these features to help troubleshoot compliance policies and configuration profiles in your environment. ... Managed: For a device to receive compliance or configuration policies, this property must show MDM or EAS/MDM ...
  5. HDD Identify Drive - information about HDD from IDENTIFY DEVICE ...
    This program reads from the HDD identification unit (IDENTIFY DEVICE – command 0xECh) and displays all the ... Features ATA (Advanced Format, AAM ( Automatic Acoustic Management), DCO (Device Configuration Overlay), DMA, DMA ... > Домой > Useful Utilities
  6. IDENTIFY DEVICEコマンドによるHDD情報の取得 - Qiita
    ATAのIDENTIFY DEVICEコマンドにより、HDDやSSD等の固有情報や現在の設定値 などを取得できる。 取得できる項目一覧(の一部)を以下に ... 11, 1=supports Device Configuration Overlay. 10, 1=supports 48-bit Address feature set. > Qiita > HDD
  7. Configuration management - Wikipedia
    Configuration management (CM) is a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, .... Configuration Identification (CI): consists of setting and maintaining baselines, which define the system or subsystem architecture, ... not limited to computers, software, software licenses, racks, network devices, storage, and ...
  8. Section 3 - Identify and Resolve LTM Device Issues - F5 Cloud Docs
    2019年4月26日 ... Objective - 3.01 Interpret log file messages and/or command line output to identify LTM device issues¶ ... It does this by analyzing configuration, logs, command output, password security, license compliance, and so on.
  9. Configuration Management: Best Practices White Paper - Cisco
    Device, protocol, and media audits are a performance indicator for consistency in software ... The audits should first identify any non-standard issues, which should lead to configuration ... > ... > Technology White Paper
  10. Cisco Guide to Harden Cisco IOS Devices - Cisco
    2018年9月25日 ... You can use configuration archives to roll back changes that are made to network devices. In a security context, configuration archives can also be used in order to determine which security changes ... > ... > Troubleshooting TechNotes
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