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  1. DANCEHALL QUEEN JUNKOオフィシャルブログ「 Bashment ...
    junkoさんのブログ「DANCEHALL QUEEN JUNKOオフィシャルブログ「☆Bashment ☆」Powered by Ameba」です。最近の記事は「募金協力の輪」です。
  2. Dancehall queen junko - YouTube
  3. Dancehall queen junko - YouTube
    Dancehallqueenjunko reggae レゲエ ダンス dance.
  4. Dancehall Queen Junko - YouTube
    Dancehall Queen Junko MV.
  5. 飲料水CM -dancehall queen junko - YouTube
    1:10 · Dancehall Queen Junko Stuttgart June 2010 World War 3 (bad lighting conditions ...
  6. Junko - Performance at Dancehall Queen 2003 (live) - YouTube
    this entry won her the crown that year u mite as well comment on it...cuz my woman wont let me!
  7. DOZAN on Twitter: "@junko4dancehall Dancehall Queen Junko ...
    Blocked Blocked @DOZAN11 Unblock Unblock @DOZAN11 Pending Pending follow request from @DOZAN11 Cancel Cancel your follow request to @ DOZAN11. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Replying to @ junko4dancehall · @junko4dancehall Dancehall Queen Junko !!男性チームは おろか女性ダンサーの数も少なく層も薄かった時代に2,3段飛ばしで本場ジャマイカの レゲエダンス大会で優勝をかっさらい一躍世界に名を轟かした!まさにクイーン!日本 が誇る!
  8. Junko Kudō - Wikipedia
    Junko Kudo, alias Junko, Junko Bashment, or Dancehall Queen Junko, is a Japanese professional dancer, specialising in reggae dance, known internationally in reggae circles as the first foreign "Dancehall Queen". Contents. [ hide]. 1 Biography; 2 Artistic career. 2.1 Dance. 3 DVD; 4 Notes and references; 5 External links. Biography[edit]. Under the nickname of Junko Bashment, aged 24 in April 2002, she became the first non-Jamaican, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, to win the official ...ō
  9. 2002 Dancehall Queen in Jamaica Report - 初の日本人DHQ Junko
    ジャマイカのダンスホール事情を中心に流行のニューダンス情報を始めDancehall Queenやdance clash、現地のダンスリポート、ダンサーインタビューなど情報満載の ダンスホールフリークのためのサイトです.
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