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  1. EXPORT_SYMBOL--error -
    Hi All, I was trying to use EXPORT_SYMBOL()in my module and occured with blow error ash_sample1.c:30: parse error before "this_object_must_be_defi.
  2. [2/2] export.h, genksyms: do not make genksyms calculate CRC of ...
    As a result, .tmp_*.ver files contain CRC of trimmed symbols, thus unneeded __ crc* symbols are added to objects. It has been harmless until recently. Since commit 15bfc2348d54 ("modpost: check for static EXPORT_SYMBOL* functions") , it is ...
  3. netfilter: UDP helper functions
    Functions. struct udphdr *, nfq_udp_get_hdr (struct pkt_buff *pktb). nfq_udp_get_hdr - get the UDP header. More... EXPORT_SYMBOL ( nfq_udp_get_hdr). void *, nfq_udp_get_payload (struct udphdr *udph, struct pkt_buff *pktb).
  4. and EXPORT_SYMBOL()?... - Hacker News
    More importantly, why is there no high resolution clock available from EXPORT_SYMBOL()? Is it deliberately gimped, or is there issues with getting such a piece of software into the kernel whilst not being GPL'd?
  5. Linux内核—EXPORT_SYMBOL宏的使用_yang blog-CSDN博客
  6. System Calls
    System call stub */. ○ long (*STUB_test_call)(int) = NULL;. ○ EXPORT_SYMBOL (STUB_test_call);. ○. ○ /* System call wrapper */. ○ asmlinkage long sys_test_call(int test_int) {. – if (STUB_test_call != NULL). ○ return STUB_test_call(test_int).
  7. EXPORT_SYMBOL doesn't work - Linux-Kernel Archive
    int (*fdbIoSwitchHook)( unsigned long arg0, unsigned long arg1, unsigned long arg2)=NULL; EXPORT_SYMBOL(fdbIoSwitchHook);. The hook will be connected by my module on module_init: fdbIoSwitchHook = myFdbFunc;.
  8. EXPORT_SYMBOL(とむら) (@tomlla_92) | Twitter
    The latest Tweets from EXPORT_SYMBOL(とむら) (@tomlla_92). 海辺のkafka stream. winterfell.
  9. The Kernel Newbie Corner: Kernel Symbols: What's Available to ...
    As with userspace, dynamically linked binaries can call only into external functions that are explicitly exported for use. In the kernel, this is handled via special directives EXPORT_SYMBOL() and EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(). > Home > Tutorials
  10. EXPORT_SYMBOL ? — Development — Форум -
    Не подскажите, где нужно прописывать EXPORT_SYMBOL ? Прописал там, где декларируется переменная, '*.c'-файл, но при загрузке выдается: # insmod name.o name.o: unresolved symbol name_symbol # Нашел ...
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