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  1. Ina Garten's Back On TV With New Episodes Of 'Cook Like A Pro ...
    2018年3月9日 ... In the new season of Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like A Pro — which premieres this Sunday at noon EST — Ina Garten focuses on teaching us mere mortals the culinary techniques she's developed over 35 years in the business ...
  2. Sortir des formats TV habituels Renouveler l'écriture et ... - Ina Expert
    Découvrez une formation dédiée à l'écriture, la conception et la réalisation de contenus pour la télé et nouveaux médias aux formats innovants avec l'Ina.
  3. RITY To Represent Ina's TV Music Footage Archive | Reelin' in the ...
    France's Ina (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) one of the world's greatest audio/ visual archives and Reelin' In The Years Productions LLC (RITY), the world's largest music footage library, are proud to announce that RITY will ...
  4. Shops and offices - TV Licensing ™
    This will provide help and information on: whether you need a TV Licence, how to get one, types available and concessions you could be entitled to depending on individual circumstances, plus what to do if you move home.
  5. Ina MEDIAPRO / Homepage
    Ina Galaxy · Follow Ina MEDIAPRO on ..... Our collections; Ina TV collections · Ina Radio collections · Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) Collection · The French Football Federation (FFF) Collection · Teilhard de Chardin in China Collection.
  6. Television history: the French exception? | INA Global
    The history of French television is marked by several particular features that make it a unique case within the European audiovisual landscape.
  7. How to choose the best smart TV for your viewing habits | Popular ...
    2018年1月11日 ... You might see some television companies using the term Ultra HD instead, but it's essentially the same resolution. If you're getting a small TV, say under 40 inches, it's not worth investing in a 4K resolution because it simply ...
  8. Here's Everything You Need To Know About Buying A 4K Ultra-HD TV
    The screen resolution is 3840 x 2160, or 2160p vs what most TV sets still have, which is just 1920 x 1080p. A 4K television displays about 8 million pixels. This results in a much crisper picture, especially when you start to get ...
  9. Commercials and Film - How Music Licensing Works | HowStuffWorks
    If you want to use a song in a TV or radio commercial, you need a Master Use license from the label (unless you are re-recording the performance) and a Synchronization license (TV) and/or a Transcription license (radio) from the publisher. > ... > Music Industry
  10. 伊那谷ねっと|伊那谷から長野県南部からニュースや地域情報をお届け!
    伊那谷から長野県南部からニュースや地域情報をお届け!伊那谷発信地域ポータル サイトです。
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