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  1. Particle Reference Documentation | Command Line Interface (CLI)
    Everything you need to get started using a Particle device from the command line . Create an account ..... particle identify. Retrieves your device id when the device is connected via USB and in listening mode (flashing blue). It also provides the ...
  2. This AI Uses Echolocation to Identify What You're Doing | WIRED
    2019年5月28日 ... Guo Xinhua wants to teach computers to echolocate. He and his colleagues have built a device, about the size of a thin laptop, that emits sound at frequencies 10 times higher than the shrillest note a piccolo can sustain.
  3. Study shows Apple devices in combo with apps could identify ...
    2019年8月8日 ... Drugmaker Eli Lilly said on Thursday early results from a study suggest that Apple Inc devices, including the iPhone, in combination with digital apps could differentiate people with mild Alzheimer's disease dementia and ...
  4. Free service to identify device type, browser and OS - mobiForge
    If you are looking for an easy and reliable way to identify device type (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV etc), OS and browser in your web applications, then you may want to check out a new free tool for that express purpose released ...
  5. Fraud Detection Machine Learning - Machine Learning Fraud ...
    SureScore is a fraud detection score that utilizes machine learning algorithms to stop fraud and identify trustworthy ... Our models analyze hundreds of device attributes and are trained on millions of confirmed fraud reports to deliver a single  ...
  6. SATA AHCI-IP コア・リファレンス・デザイン説明書
    ソフトウエア. 本章では5種類の ATA コマンドをサポートするファームウエアの基本的な 動作について説明します。 説明するコマ. ンドは IDENTIFY DEVICE (ECh), WRITE DMA EXT (35h), READ DMA EXT (25h), WRITE FPDMA QUEUED.
  7. How to change your iPad name so it's easy to identify your device
    2019年9月10日 ... You can change your iPad name to make it easier to find your device on iCloud or when someone wants to AirDrop files to you. Here's how to do it.
  8. Identify and report counterfeit Google hardware - Google Store Help
    Along with our partners, Google makes hardware products that are sold around the world. Because counterfeit products are an unfortunate reality, we recommend buying (and using) devices sold only by our official store, or from one of our ...
  9. Network Recon - How to Identify the Location of Network Devices
    Hunting down a specific device on your massive network may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here's how to identify the location of network devices.
  10. Identify device on local network based on IPv6 address - Super User
    Thanks to this comment on another Super User answer, I discovered the command: netsh int ipv6 show neighbors. To my great joy I discovered it tells me the MAC address of devices on the local link, just like arp -a does:
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