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  1. Advertising and publicity
    Tools and techniques are sometimes over-identified with a particular discipline, overlooking the fact that the same tools are often used by people in different trades to achieve very different results. Just because public relations and marketing ...
  2. IAA Global | International Advertising Association
    The International Advertising Association is a strategic partnership which champions the common interests of all the disciplines across the full spectrum of marketing communications industry. We are the Global Compass of the Marketing ...
  3. The difference between advertising and PR - Public Relations Sydney
    Many businesses believe that advertising and public relations play the same role for their business and if they do advertising they don't need PR, and vice versa. However, PR and advertising have completely different roles for your business, ...
  4. differences between advertising and public relations - The Balance ...
    2018年6月11日 ... Often thought of as the same, here are ten things that differentiate the world of advertising from the world of public relations. > ... > Public Relations
  5. Marketing, advertising and PR: what's the difference? | TARGETjobs
    Understanding the difference between marketing, advertising and PR is a must if you're thinking of a graduate career in this sector. ... For more information on possible routes into public relations as a graduate, check out TARGETjobs' guide to ...
  6. Marketing, Advertising, & PR Internships Abroad |
    Whether you're interested in pitching journalists, brainstorming marketing approaches, or implementing a social media campaign, an international internship in advertising, marketing, or public relations can provide the experience necessary to ... > Home > Intern Abroad
  7. Marketing, Advertising, & PR Jobs Abroad |
    Or perhaps developing ad graphics or landing a media pick up in a top tier outlet that has you itching to apply your skills? Wherever your interest lies, getting an international job in marketing, advertising, and public relations is one of the best  ... > Home > Jobs Abroad
  8. Publicity - Wikipedia
    Publicity is the movement of information to the general public from the media. The subjects of publicity includes people goods and services, organizations, and works of art or entertainment. Publicity is gaining public visibility or awareness for a product, service or your company via the media. It is the publicist that carries out publicity, while PR is the strategic ...
  9. What Are the Similarities & Differences Between Advertising ...
    Advertising involves paying for space in publications or airtime, then using that opportunity to deliver a message directly to consumers. Public relations covers a wide range of tactics, usually involving providing information to independent ... > ... > Advertising
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