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  1. Where's My Refund? - It's Quick, Easy and Secure. -
    2017年2月16日 ... What you need to check the status of your refund: Items needed for Where's My Refund Social Security Number or ITIN, Filing Status, and. Wheres My Refund button. Where's My Refund? is updated no more than once every ...
  2. When is Where's My Refund Available? -
    2016年10月12日 ... However, our system is not available every Monday, early, from 12:00 am ( Midnight) to 3:00 am Eastern Time. Our Change of Address and Refund Trace features are not available during the following times (Eastern Time): ...
  3. Checking the Status of Your Refund -
    Online Access to Refund Information Where's My Refund? or ¿Dónde está mi reembolso? are interactive tools on and are the fastest, easiest way to get information about your federal income tax refund.
  4. Where's My Refund - EITC Central -
    2016年12月18日 ... Where's My Refund? - One of IRS's most popular online features-gives you information about your federal income tax refund. The tool tracks your refund's progress through 3 stages: 1. Return Received 2. Refund Approved 3.
  5. About "Where's My Refund?" -
    2016年12月12日 ... Amended/corrected returns are processed as quickly as possible. However, it may take 12 weeks or longer to process the return. The Where's My Amended Return? tool provides the status of Form 1040X Amended Tax ...
  6. Where's My Refund - Tax Refund Tracking Guide | TurboTax® - Intuit
    Where's My Tax Refund, a step-by-step guide on how to find the status of your IRS or state tax refund. Use TurboTax, IRS, and state resources to track your tax refund, check return status, and learn about common delays.
  7. Refund Status - Where's My Refund - Iowa
    Where's My Refund. Use Where's My Refund to check the status of your Iowa Income tax refund. What information do I need? Social Security Number (SSN). Tax Year. Refund amount. Continue ...
  8. Where's My Refund | Facebook
    Where's My Refund. 26900 likes · 6259 talking about this. This page was designed to help people share their IRS Income Tax Refund Questions. A...
  9. Wheres My Refund? - Minnesota Department of Revenue
    2016年9月9日 ... Minnesota law states that we cannot start processing Property Tax Refund returns until July of each year. Check Where's My Refund? after July 1 for your property tax refund status. Electronic returns are processed faster than ...
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