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  1. Kinoma Player 2.2.2 » Freeware PalmOS software » absolutely no ...
    PalmOS freeware - Kinoma Player 2 delivers full screen, full motion, full color, high resolution video for Palm Powered ... for Palm OS 5. Kinoma Player 2 is a must have application for your Palm Powered handheld. Try it today!
  2. Kinoma Create: 初期設定(概要編) - Qiita
    初めて動作させるときの手順が記載されています。バッテリー挿入、ACアダプタ接続、 電源投入、初期設定(Wi-Fi、マシン名、Timezone)の手順がわかりやすく書いて あります。ここまで進んだら「Coding with Kinoma Studio」の部分はやらず ... > Qiita > JavaScript
  3. Kinoma Player 3 EX Now Offers Support for Standard Multimedia ...
    Kinoma has introduced a new multimedia application with support for industry- standard file formats and advanced compression technologies. This company has been making a free video player for the Palm OS for years. > ... > Topics > Apps > News
  4. Marvell to Launch IoT Maker Kit | EE Times
    In describing Kinoma Create, Hoddie, now Marvell's Kinoma vice president, told us, "It is a developer prototyping device that leverages our software work to open the 'maker' movement to many more people. One goal of Kinoma Create is to ...
  5. Kinoma create at SXSW: Start making | IT Eco Map & News Navigator
    Kinoma Create is today's ideal IoT construction kit. An overwhelming impression from this year's event is that the IoT is vastly more recognized now as a concept, and an opportunity to make our world smarter and more ... > Home > Technology > IoT
  6. Kinoma to Bring Sleek App UI to Smartphones and ... -
    Kinoma now has a practically infinite playground, to take one of the slickest touch -based interfaces I've ever seen, pointing it first at smartphone and tablets, and later, taking it downmarket to practically every screen you've ...
  7. Kinoma Create」日本人も開発参画するJavaScriptベースのIOT ...
    [読了時間: 2分]. 米Marvell Technology Groupの「Kinoma」プロジェクトから生まれた 、モノのインターネット=IOT(Internet of Things)デバイス「Kinoma Create」の早期体験 者向けクラウドファンディングがあと6時間程度で終了する。目標金額 ... > TOP > IoT
  8. 野間友貴/Yuki Noma | Music
    2018 Yuki Noma. Facebook - Black Circle · Twitter - Black Circle · YouTube - Black Circle · Instagram - Black Circle. ​準備中/under construction. Music. This site was designed with the .com website builder. Create your website today.Start Now.
  9. SermonAudio now available on Nokia Phones via Kinoma!
    You can now access all of the great audio and video content from SermonAudio. com on Nokia S60 phones, the world's dominant smartphone platform. This is made possible by our partnership with the amazing Kinoma player ...
  10. Marvell Presents Kinoma – Complete Cross Platform Functionality ...
    Barcelona, Spain, Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL), a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions, today announced Kinoma®, a software platform that will dramatically transform the way consumers interact with the devices that ...
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