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  1. IOT Hardware hacking with Javascript using Kinoma | Meetup
    2018年8月5日 ... And Kinoma Create makes all of that simple. The problem with prototyping today. Makers and product designers typically start with a bare, single-board computer. They're cheap, but starting with a bare board means spending ... > SF Node.js > Events
  2. Marvell Expands JavaScript Based IoT Development Platform | ADM
    Kinoma's XS6 JavaScript engine, an independent implementation of JavaScript 6th Edition offers: ... Running well on devices with as little as 512 KB of RAM, the power and convenience of JavaScript is now practical on mass ...
  3. X02T(ソフトバンク) [PDF] - カーウイングス
    2018年12月10日 ... るには。デパスを与します。 [新しいデバイスの追加加をタップ、. もしくは. [追加]をタップ してください。 Today. Kinoma. Bluetooth. Wi-F設定. お使いになる前に. 電話. 留守番 電話. Today. 転しいデバイスの追加. 4. SohBankメール. Internet.
  4. T-01B のKinoma Play #3 / ホーム画面 |
    Kinoma Playを使っている最中、プログラムやネットワークなどをちょっと切り替えたい時 用にインストールしておくと便利です。 Dashboardの ... 「Home Screen Customizer」を 使ってWindows標準Todayのアイテムの変更をしよう. 「Windows ... > ホーム > WindowsMobile > T-01B
  5. T-01B のKinoma Play #1 / アプリケーションの追加について | exmobiler ...
    T-01BにプレインストールされているKinoma Playについて何回かにわけて紹介したいと 思います。 この「Kinoma Play」。 docomoから発売 ... で公開! by Arie. Todayの設定 を「Windows 標準」に指定した場合の表示をカスタマイズでき … > ホーム > WindowsMobile > T-01B
  6. My Perfect Treo Pro Setup | Windows Central
    ... it even better. I don't use their custom Today Screen replacement, however, as I prefer the modularity of their standard Today Screen Plugin ... shouldn't be. Kinoma Play + 3.5mm headset jack + 8 gig memory card == bliss.
  7. Apps Rush: Wrapp, Shopitize, Kinoma Play, Photosynth, The ...
    A selection of 12 new apps for you today: Wrapp. Social gifting app Wrapp has launched in the UK, getting people to connect their Facebook accounts to get a list of free and paid-for gift cards to send to friends. Retailers and ...
  8. Junko Yoshida - Internet, Apps & Now Hardware - EBN
    Web designers, software developers, and non-engineering professionals with no prior experience in designing a system are turning their attention to hardware, Marvell's Kinoma vice president says.
  9. Basuke Suzuki - @basuke Kinoma - IoT Festival
    HTTP is Infrastructure. • HTTP freed up developers from application. • For many years, protocols are only for specific purpose. (SMTP, FTP, DNS, etc). • HTTP was originally for delivery of information to human, but now it is basic infrastructure of.
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