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KINOMAを TODAYに で検索した結果 1~10件目 / 約147,000件 - 0.26秒
木の間を TODAYにではありませんか?


  1. Kinoma Element 味見の会 - SlideShare
    Kinoma Elementでどんなことができるか味見する会のスライド.
  2. Kinoma Archives - Marvell - Blog Marvell – Blog - マーベル
    Kinoma Create is today's ideal IoT construction kit. An overwhelming impression from this year's event is that the IoT is vastly more recognized now as a concept, and an opportunity to make our world smarter and more efficient. JavaScript as ...
  3. Kinoma Play for Android coming soon - Sign up for the beta today ...
    If you've been making use of a smartphone long before they were even called smartphones then the name Kinoma should be rather familiar to you. If not, now is a great time to get to know them and what they offer.
  4. Kinoma Create — The JavaScript-Powered Internet of Things ...
    This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Mar 14, 2014. See ...
  5. DNS · Issue #26 · Kinoma/kinomajs · GitHub
    I have a book, JavaScript on Things, going into production right now (scheduled publish December). In it, I have a section on the Kinoma Element, citing/linking to Kinoma documentation and information on
  6. GitHub - Kinoma/kinomajs: A JavaScript runtime optimized for the ...
    Join GitHub today ... A JavaScript runtime optimized for the applications that power IoT devices. ... ES6 Compatibility Test Results for Kinoma's XS6 JavaScript Engine describes XS6's compliance with the ECMAScript 2015 ...
  7. Kinoma And Marvell Attempt To Augment Android | TechCrunch
    Kinoma right now exists as a separate layer from the OS; you launch into it and it has its own interconnected set of call-outs, search protocols, rich displays, and so on. The Facebook app calls in the YouTube app when a ...
  8. Kinoma - Wikipedia
    Kinoma, a division of Marvell Semiconductor, is a software engineering group providing an open-source, cross-platform ECMAScript stack ... websites are no longer being supported." Peter Hoddie, Brian Friedkin and Michael Kellner are now listed as team members of Palo-Alto-based Internet-of-Things startup Moddable.
  9. Marvell Announces New Kinoma IoT Prototyping Platforms
    Today Marvell announces two new internet-of-things (IoT) hardware prototyping platforms as part of their Kinoma "JavaScript-powered Internet of Things construction kit" lineup. The Kinoma Element and Kinoma HD provide ...
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