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  1. Keisuke (Chris) Nagao, MD, Ph.D. - NIH Intramural Research
    The Cutaneous Leukocyte Biology Section studies the mutual crosstalk that occur between the skin, the microbiota and resident leukocytes during steady-state and inflammation. Recent studies include the identification of hair ...
  2. Keisuke (Chris) Nagao, MD, Ph.D. - NIAMS - NIH
    Dr. Nagao is a board-certified Dermatologist (Japanese Association of Dermatology) and currently directs a research program that includes basic and pre-translational investigations on skin immunology and immune-mediated diseases. > ... > Phone Directory
  3. Cutaneous Leukocyte Biology Section | NIAMS
    Led by Keisuke (Chris) Nagao, the section investigates cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate immunological and structural homeostasis in the skin. > Home > Labs @ NIAMS
  4. State of the Art Plenary Lecture 1, Keisuke Nagao, MD, PhD - YouTube
    Dr. Nagao delivers his lecture, 'Hair Follicles as Regulators of Immune Homeostasis'
  5. Keisuke Nagao - Keio University
    皮膚マイクロバイオータはアトピー性皮膚炎などの病態に深く関わっている。本セミナー で. は、マイクロバイオータの均衡を制御する自然リンパ球の役割を紹介する。なお、 シング. ルセル解析は直接ヒトで、これまでにない解像度で病態の理解を ...
  6. NAGAO Keisuke - KAKEN — Researchers
    Affiliation (based on the past Project Information):慶應義塾大学,医学部,講師, Research Field:Dermatology,Dermatology, Keywords:ランゲルハンス細胞,樹状 細胞,自己免疫,デスモグレイン,天疱瘡,タイトジャンクション,免疫寛容,経皮免疫,自己 抗体, ...
  7. Keisuke Nagao | The University of Tokyo, Bunkyō-ku | Todai ...
    Keisuke Nagao of The University of Tokyo, Bunkyō-ku (Todai) | Read 399 publications | Contact Keisuke Nagao.
  8. Homeostatic Control of Sebaceous Glands by Innate ... - Cell Press
    2019年1月31日 ... Correspondence In Brief. Skin innate lymphoid cell subsets rely on hair follicle-derived factors for persistence and localization and tune the skin microbiota by controlling sebaceous gland function.
  9. Experimental Observation of Quasicrystal Growth
    Experimental Observation of Quasicrystal Growth. Keisuke Nagao, Tomoaki Inuzuka, Kazue Nishimoto, and Keiichi Edagawa. Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 075501 – Published 10 August 2015 ...
  10. Keisuke Nagao - Facebook
    Keisuke Nagao is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Keisuke Nagao and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the...
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