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  1. Yosuke Matsushita on Behance
    武蔵野美術大学工芸工業デザイン学科インテリア、プロダクト専攻 人と物との関係性、 物が置かれている空気 student studying design. especially, product, interior and graphic. also interested in photography. focus on relationship between people, ...
  2. yosuke matsushita pours resin into melamine foam to create unique ...
    2019年3月21日 ... japanese designer, yosuke matsushita, presents his latest project entitled 'mould' that creates objects such as tables and chairs from resin and melamine foam. the project has been conceived in an effort to enhance the ...
  3. yosuke matsushita coats sponges in melted resin to form solid cases
    in his latest project titled 'colonia', japanese designer yosuke matsushita has created a solid material by dipping sponges into melted resin.
  4. yosuke matsushita design -
    YOSUKE MATSUSHITA DESIGN. "New Perspective Axes". © 2023 by ShureArchitects. Proudly created with · This site was designed with the . com. website builder. Create your website today.Start Now.
  5. Yosuke Matsushita on Vimeo
    Born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1995. Raised in Kobe, Hyogo. Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin high school in 2015. Admitted to Musashino Art University ( MAU),…
  6. まつしたようすけさん(@yosuke.matsushita.official) • Instagram写真と動画
    フォロワー434人、フォロー中477人、投稿402件 ― まつしたようすけさん(@yosuke. matsushita.official)のInstagramの写真と動画をチェックしよう.
  7. Yosuke Matsushita - Facebook
    Yosuke Matsushita. 113 likes. Stylist 松下洋介 オフィシャルページ. > ... > Public Figure > Artist
  8. Yosuke Matsushita - Facebook
    Yosuke Matsushita is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Yosuke Matsushita and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and...
  9. Resin Homewares Made From Cleaning Sponges - IGNANT
    Japanese designer Yosuke Matsushita's collection titled 'Colonia' features interior treasure boxes with textured resin surfaces, made from humble kitchen sponges.
  10. MATSUSHITA Yousuke - Researchmap
    Screening of Chrysanthemum seticuspe accessions reveals different degrees of resistance to chrysanthemum stunt viroid. Yosuke Matsushita*, Masaaki Osaka. European Journal of Plant Pathology 154(4) 1059-1066 May 2019 [Refereed].
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