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  1. nemotodaiki のお気に入りユーザー一覧 - はてなブックマーク
    ニュース; news; Webデザイン; 検索; ポータル; 新聞; msn; 検索エンジン; Search; microsoft; frend; Portal; ポータルサイト. sake_wiki. 日本酒; 北海道; Opera; ブラウザ; 酒蔵; 高知; 医学; C#; mono; プログラミング; 医療; 山口; コンピュータ. kotaro0413.
  2. send のお気に入られユーザー一覧 - はてなブックマーク
    videogame; tech; video; anime; perl; comic; nlp; ir; right; picture; gadget; mac; javascript; social; joke; art; tv; tokusatsu; prog; nintendo; xbox; web; 360; hatena; science; app; watch; doujin; plagger; music; mad; book; food; google; sbs; movie  ...
  3. Windows Mobile 6.5:簡介Windows Mobil -百科知識中文網
    簡介Windows Mobile 6.5在巴塞隆納移動世界通信大會上,微軟CEO史蒂夫·鮑爾默 正式發布了傳聞已久的新版智慧型手機 ... 微軟在Windows Mobole 6.5里一併新增 了兩樣程式(Widget),分別為MSN Money & MSN Weather,利用MSN Money我們 ...
  4. Samsung Intrepid SPH-i350 Windows Phone (Sprint ... -
    Perfect for busy professionals on the go, the Samsung Intrepid smartphone for Sprint features the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, an improved touchscreen .... New MSN Widgets provide real-time information on weather and stocks.
  5. 'Top 5 Reasons Why Safari Will Fail on Windows' – OSnews
    Bundling Safari with iTunes and installing it automatically, akin to MSN Messenger installing Toolbars, desktop search .... and they didn't add support for MPEG4 ASP, let alone a plugin framework to let you run whatever codec/ container you want. ..... Somewhere along the way, they made a smart move when they started porting it to the prominent wearable OS' like Windows mobile and ... > Home > Internet
  6. Cellna recenzja: HTC Touch2 | Komó
    TouchFLO 2.0 jest interfejsem zarówno przyjemnym dla oka, jak i funkcjonalnym. + szybki i ... HTC Touch2 jako jeden z pierwszych modeli został wyposażony w najnowszą odsłonę systemu Windows Mobile 6.5. ... Windows Marketplace; Messenger; Windows Live; MSN Money (strona MSN z wynikami giełdy); Office Mobile ...,cellna-recenzja-htc-touch2
  7. Why are we still using instant messaging apps at all? - Pocketnow
    Then Microsoft made one too called MSN messenger, which actually allowed you to send messages to AOL users as well. .... With that, I can set notification settings and a priority-placed live tile/widget for my important friends/family .... Back in 2005, we had PC apps for Windows Mobile that let us connect to the smartphone and send/receive SMS as well. ... service so that once you start ...
  8. Back to Android after 4 years of Windows Mobile... : windowsphone ...
    If Apple had a dual sim phone they would already have my money, but they do not, I think will jump ship to a Samsung Galaxy S8 (a month or two after they have been out and shown themselves not to be too flammable).
  9. where mobility meets wireless - the::unwired
    PHOTOVIEW: Samsung SGH-i300 Windows Mobile Smartphone · PHOTOVIEW: HTC Universal Pocket PC Phone Edition .... HTC Mogul Windows Mobile 6 CDMA Smartphone · RELAUNCH: Microsoft launches MSN Mobile - a redesigned Portal for ..... CONVERGENCE: Ateksoft releases WebCamera Plus 2.0 for Windows Mobile · UTILITY: JGUI releases Pre-paid ...... announces Nokia Music+ - More Music for less  ...
  10. Monday, 04 January 2010 - Dare Obasanjo's weblog
    “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half”. with modern ... On the MSN blog there's a new blog post entitled The New MSN Homepage Unveiled which states. Today is an exciting ...,date,2010-01-04.aspx
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