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  1. Mylo Xylo round icon theme for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other Ubuntu ...
    Mylo-Xylo icons are round colorful icons designed for Gnome desktop and based on All-black icon set. It is under development and should not expect it as complete icon set but creator mentioned that version 1.0 will be ...
  2. mylo (Sony) - Wikipedia
    My Life Online (mylo) is a device created and marketed by Sony for portable instant messaging and other Internet-based communications, ... Operating system · Qtopia Linux · CPU · ARM. Display, 3.5" TFT LCD 800×480 pixel touchscreen (COM–2) 2.4" TFT 320×240 pixel (COM–1). Camera, Yes (COM–2 only). Connectivity, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi (COM–2) 802.11b Wi-Fi (COM–1).
  3. Sony Mylo Runs Linux, QtEmbedded and Opera – OSnews
    Sony's newly announced Mylo WiFi handheld multi-function device will run a Linux OS, along with Trolltech's Qtopia app framework ... Some people are comparing the Mylo to Nokia 770, but they are not really comparable. > Home > Wireless
  4. Linux/組み込みLinux/mylo - SyncHack
    気になる! itemズ - SkypeやGoogle Talkを搭載! 無線LAN利用のパーソナル端末「 mylo」 (Broadband Watch, 07.03.28); 塩田紳二のPDAレポート - ソニー「mylo」ハード ウェアレポート (PC Watch, 06.11.06) PC Watch お約束の臓物公開 ...組み込みLinux%2Fmylo
  5. ソニーmyloLinux + Qtopia - Engadget 日本版
    WiFi内蔵でSkypeやインスタントメッセンジャが使えるソニーのパーソナルコミュニケータ 「mylo」についてさらに続報が届いています。LinuxDevices.comによるとmyloは 組み込みLinuxで動いており、グラフィック / アプリケーションフレームワーク ...
  6. Sony mylo Runs Linux -
    When Sony announced the mylo Personal Communicator last week, many were unhappy that nothing was said about ways to add additional applications to this upcoming device. It is not yet absolutely certain that the mylo is ... > ... > Topics > Apps > News
  7. Linux powers Sony's new Mylo WiFi handheld -
    22, 2006] — In September, Sony expects to ship a Linux- and Qtopia-based handheld device featuring WiFi connectivity, an Opera web browser, and a variety of text- and voice-messaging clients and media players. The Mylo ...
  8. Sony Mylo Built On Qtopia Linux | Linuxlookup
    Linux Powers the new Sony's Mylo WiFi Handheld. Built on Trolltech's Qtopia platform on Linux, unlike any other mobile device Sony has made. There's a lot of software available for Qtopia as well, which could be a big plus ...
  9. Install Mylo Xylotheme Icon Theme From PPA In Ubuntu 12.10/12.04 ...
    Mylo Xylotheme is an icon theme that you can use with Unity or Gnome Shell desktop environment. In this tutorial, we will help you install it under Ubuntu/Linux Mint from PPA. The PPA is supported by the following Linux ... > Home > Themes
  10. mylo | TechCrunch
    CrunchDeals: Sony Mylo 2 for $199 with free shipping · Contributor. 1:30 pm ... The Sony Mylo 2 personal communicator gets an update · Contributor ... All About Linux 2008: 5 more cool devices running Linux that you're not using but should.
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