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  1. macos - Where is the /proc folder on Mac OS X? - Super User
    To communicate with the kernel, different UNIX systems use different interfaces - not necessarily procfs. It's not a must-have. While it's become quite common with Linux and FreeBSD indeed, OS X (which is based on BSD) ...
  2. How does OS X handle IRQs? - Ask Different
    Mac OS X configures the IRQs completely automatically (much like Plug&Play), and does not expose these to the user.
  3. /proc/interrupts HowTo - Linux / Unix Q & A from nixCraft
    Q. How do I list all IRQs currently used under CentOS Linux? A.. There is a file called /proc/interrupts. The proc filesystem is a pseudo filesystem which is used as an interface to kernel data structures. It is commonly mounted at ...
  4. Introduction to Linux Interrupts and CPU SMP Affinity - The Geek Stuff
    Interrupts are signal that are sent across IRQ (Interrupt Request Line) by a hardware or software. ... On a Linux machine, the file /proc/interrupts contains information about the interrupts in use and how many times processor ...
  5. Brendan's blog » Top 10 DTrace scripts for Mac OS X -
    Since version 10.5 “Leopard”, Mac OS X has had DTrace, a tool used for performance analysis and troubleshooting. ..... but that doesn't yet work on Mac OS X; if you want to debug, see pr_psargs in /usr/lib/dtrace/proc.d). .... 22 69 Invalid argument ntpd sigreturn -2 69 ntpd sigsuspend 4 69 Interrupted system call Google Chrome 0 0 activitymonitor proc_info 3 1495 No such process.
  6. linux - clark grubb
    ... installlation notes | tool index. Tools for Ubuntu 14.04 Linux, Mac OS 10.10, and Windows 7. ... Linux and Mac OS X store configuration information on the file system. Each value in the registry has a .... cat /proc/interrupts. On Windows the ...
  7. /proc on Mac OS X - Mac OS X Internals
    The "process" file system ( procfs for brevity, or simply /proc , where it is usually mounted) has become relatively common on ... On Mac OS X, ps uses the kvm and sysctl interfaces. gdb , and various other programs also have such differences.
  8. 5.2. Top-level Files within the proc File System Red Hat Enterprise ...
    /proc/interrupts. This file records the number of interrupts per IRQ on the x86 architecture. A standard /proc/interrupts looks similar to the ... Each of the types of interrupts seen in this file, which are architecture-specific, mean something different.
  9. Monitoring CPU Usage on Mac from Terminal with a better top ...
    Following the CPU usage on my Mac is a mild obsession, and I usually use the Mac terminal command 'top' to do this but I noticed that top itself takes up a fair amount of CPU usage (5% or more). I made this complaint to a ...
  10. Proc File System - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
    Each process gets a directory under /proc, with several directories and files describing the state of the process. ... The interrupts file lists all of the interrupt sources in the system, the number of times each interrupt has fired off since the system was ..... The configuration in the preceding example is specific to Mac OS X; the NoEntry directives you need to add will vary ...
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検索設定 - この検索結果ページについて

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