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  1. Fatima Meer - Wikipedia
    Fatima Meer (12 August 1928 – 12 March 2010) was a South African writer, academic, screenwriter, and prominent anti-apartheid activist. Contents. 1 Early life; 2 Political activist; 3 Academic and writer. 3.1 Books; 3.2 Television. 4 Awards; 5 ...
  2. Fatima Meer | South African activist, educator, and author | Britannica
    Fatima Meer, South African antiapartheid and human rights activist, educator, and author. From the mid-20th century she was one of the most prominent women political leaders in South Africa. Meer was the second of nine children in a liberal ...
  3. Professor Fatima Meer | South African History Online
    Fatima Meer was born in Grey Street, Durban on 12 August 1928, the daughter of Moosa Meer and Rachel Farrel and the second born of their nine children. Her mother, Rachel, was an orphan of Jewish and Portuguese descent, but she ...
  4. Fatima Meer obituary | World news | The Guardian
    Fatima Meer, who has died aged 81 after a stroke, was the most formidable female leader of Indian origin in the liberation movement of South Africa. She was an intellectual, academic, writer and activist, but above all a ...
  5. The Defiantly Everyday Drawings of Fatima Meer | The New Yorker
    2019年10月23日 ... Anakwa Dwamena on “The Pencil Is a Key: Drawings by Incarcerated Artists,” a new show at the Drawing Center, and the art of anti-apartheid activist Fatima Meer.
  6. Fighting Against Apartheid: The Activism of Fatima Meer
    Tell students that in today's lesson they will be watching videos of Professor Fatima Meer, one of South Africa's most distinguished anti-apartheid activists. A close friend of Nelson Mandela, Professor Meer was imprisoned and twice banned by ...
  7. Prof Fatima Meer (Posthumous) | The Presidency
    Prof Fatima Meer was born in Durban in 1928. Her political career began at the age of 17 when she was a high school student. The Indian community suffered the enactment of the first Segregation Act which restricted their economic and ...
  8. Meer, Fatima - The O'Malley Archives
    Fatima Meer was born in 1928 and grew up in Durban. Her father was editor and owner of Indian Views, essentially a Muslim paper that was founded in 1912. She completed her Masters degree in Sociology at the University of Natal.
  9. Interviews - Fatima Meer | The Long Walk Of Nelson Mandela ... - PBS
    She and her husband Ismail Meer were anti-apartheid activists and have been close to Nelson, Winnie and the family for decades. At Mandela's request, Fatima wrote his authorized biography, Higher Than Hope.
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