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  1. Nokia E61 - Wikipedia
    Nokia E61は、ノキアが開発したW-CDMA/GSM方式のスマートフォン。 日本では、 日本語化されたものがノキア・ジャパンからNokia E61スタンダード ... Microsoft Office 文書の閲覧・編集機能や、VoIP対応、セキュリティの強化など、ビジネス向けの機能を 搭載している。 カメラを持たないため、テレビ電話で自分の映像を送ることはできない( テレビ ...
  2. Nokia E61 - Wikipedia
    The Nokia E61 is a smartphone from the Eseries range, a S60 3rd Edition device targeting business users in the European market. It was announced as part of the new Eseries business line on 12 October 2005 along with the Nokia E60 and ...
  3. Nokia E61 - Full phone specifications -
    Nokia E61 Symbian smartphone. Announced Oct 2005. Features 2.9″ display, 1500 mAh battery, 64 MB storage, 64 MB RAM.
  4. Is the Nokia E61 the real BlackBerry contender? | ZDNet
    You may not think of a Nokia smartphone as a business focused device, but the E61 has more to offer to the ... On the enterprise side of things, the Motorola Q lacks the Microsoft AKU-2 update that provides "push" email ...
  5. Nokia E61 Demo - YouTube
    A demo of the Nokia E61 QWERTY keyboard equipped phone. The full review can be found at ...
  6. Nokia E61 Review -
    Its tardy response comes in the form of the E61 — part of Nokia's E-series line of cellular phones built for ... Traditionally, the average Symbian phone was comparable to a Windows Smartphone in that the devices were ... > ... > Smartphone Reviews
  7. Nokia E61, Never Again | TechCrunch
    Nokia E61 It seems that Nokia's E61 smart phone doesn't perform up to Blackberry standards and our friend at ideagroup truly felt the burn. The E61 exhibits slow dialing from contact lists, slowed down his overall productivity, ...
  8. Nokia E61 Unlocked Smartphone with International ... - Nokia E61 Unlocked Smartphone with International 3G, Wi-Fi, MP3 /Video Player, MiniSD Slot--U.S. Version with Warranty (Silver) ... Download Alexa for your Windows 10 PC for free. Experience the convenience of Alexa, now ...
  9. “自分の時間”を作るために Nokia E61 - ITmedia Mobile
    Nokia E61は、いわゆるスマートフォンに属する端末だ。2.8インチの大きな画面を備え、 QWERTYのフルキーボードを備える。昨今、「Windows Mobile」を搭載した端末も 数多く登場しているが、大塚氏は「これは電話です」とE61の特徴を強調 ...
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