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  1. Pear | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification (Hardwood)
    Sapwood is slightly paler but is not usually distinct from heartwood. Pear is sometimes steamed to deepen the pink coloration. Pear is also occasionally dyed black and used as a substitute for ebony. Grain/Texture ...
  2. DB Classic Platinum Cushion & Pear Cut Engagement Ring | De ...
    Beautifully feminine with intense sparkle, the DB Classic cushion-cut solitaire ring with pear sides elevates the soft curves of a 1-1.29 carat cushion-cut diamond with two pear-shaped diamond sides. These peerless diamonds, set on a ...
  3. PEAR:DB Database Abstraction Layer · Marc André Tanner
    PEAR:DB Database Abstraction Layer. August 11, 2005 1-minute read. Nowadays web applications need to be flexible and so it is wise to use a database abstraction layer, so it will be easy to exchange the underlying DBMS. There are quite a ...
  4. PEAR DB 1.6.2 released - PostgreSQL
    PEAR DB 1.6.2 released. Posted on 2004-04-13. PEAR DB is a database abstraction layer for 13 of PHP's database drivers. The latest version has some fixes in the PostgreSQL driver. For more information, see package/DB.
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