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  1. USB Printer Class Specification -
    USB Device Class Definition for Printing Devices. Page ii. Version 1.0. Contributors. Axiohn IPB. Kevin Butler. Canon. Sadahiko Sano Canon. Naoki Shimada shimada@cbs.
  2. Printer Device Classes - hp's Developer Portal
    Common printers are divided into different device classes. Each device class shares common printer attributes such as print modes and paper sizes. HPIJS will automatically map the DeviceModel parameter to one of the devices classes.
  3. USB Printer Device Class - Xmos
    The code associated with this application note provides an example of using the XMOS USB Device Library. (XUD) and associated USB class descriptors to provide a framework for the creation of a USB printer device. The printer framework ...
  4. emUSB-Host Printer Class | SEGGER - The Embedded Experts
    The USB class protocol for printers was defined for the handling of output devices , like printers and plotters. A printer connected to emUSB-Host is automatically configured. The implementation of the printer class forwards the print data to a ... > ... > emUSB-Host > Add-Ons
  5. Printer (JavaFX 8) - Oracle Help Center
    A read only object property representing the current default printer. Nested Class Summary. Nested Classes. Modifier and Type, Class and Description.
  6. Setting Up Printer Classes (System Administration Guide, Volume 2)
    Setting Up Printer Classes. The print service enables you to group several locally attached printers into one class. You can perform this task only by using the lpadmin -c command. When you have set up a printer class, users can then specify ...
  7. USB Device Printer Class Driver User Guide - HCC Embedded
    The printer class driver is used for connecting printers over a USB link to a host system. The usbd_cd_printer package is a function device implementation of this class. The system structure is shown in the diagram below: On the ...
  8. AN1233, USB Printer Class on an Embedded Host - Microchip ...
    It does not define the actual commands used to control the printers. The USB Printer Class, like all other USB classes, utilizes Endpoint 0 for control transfers to and from the host. In ...
  9. USB Printer Class(Client, not Host)
    Then, CDC is better than printer class. CDC device exposes a virtual COM port on your PC. And then, you don't need to write any new PC application for the laser ...
  10. Printer
    public class Printer; extends java.lang.Object. This class leverages the use of the Java reflection classes to pretty-print the values of an arbitrary object. It includes the values of user-defined fields, but does not extend to fields inherited from ...
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